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Hello and welcome to Glitzy&Glossy. This is my personal blog where you can find my latest finds, happenings, and things I love. I am a twenty-something from Texas living in New York City.  This is a place where I can share my favorite looks/style, and life in NYC. 

I originally launched my blog April 2011 as a way to update family and friends during my European study abroad. Today, the site has been renamed and revamped (renamed again...domain issues yay) into a creative space where I can share bits and pieces about my life. 
With G&G I wanted to think of my everyday girly go-to must have...I came up with Lip-gloss haha and who doesn't enjoy feeling a little glitzy?  I'd like to think of my style as put together and feminine- I have definitely incorporated more black into the wardrobe and a few pairs of sneakers since moving to the city. I’m the girl who loves mixing designer pieces with everyday affordable pieces, because #truelife living in NYC you can't always be rollin deep with Chanel and Chloe.  I've had a few friends and family ask where I shop and I 
thought this would be a nice way to share. 
Basically I -  am a sucker for any GREAT find (all about that value), married to my cappuccino machine, am an avid Pinterest user,  LOVE fitness classes and BBG, cooking is a new found love (Crockpot momma), I have the best worst sweet tooth, will never take off my Aggie ring (class of 13 WHOOP), appreciate lovely living spaces, down to wine and whine+cheese, and own about a 100 lip glosses/sticks. 

Thanks for stopping by, and if you'd like to contact me please email glitzyandglossyblog@gmail.com.


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