Monday, January 21, 2019

The FitList: Reach your Fitness Goals in 2019

Hi Friends! Ah ok so we are over half way into January and now is the time when some of those Fit Goals come into question. Whether you are rockin your fit game, keeping up with your regular routine, or riding that struggle bus -I wanted to give you a little boost of inspo and motivation to KEEP IT UP! Believe me, I have my struggles too and not so POP up rise and shine moments - but the below have really helped me keep up my fitness routine and reach my goals when it comes to staying happy and healthy.
The FitList: Reach your Fitness Goals in 2019
  1. Start a Program - I’ve done several programs and that’s honestly what started my whole morning fit routine. Sometimes just knowing where to start and having a gym plan seriously works wonders. Half the battle is just getting to the gym, then figuring out what to even do? No thanks. Easy to follow programs I have completed are Kayla Itsines BBG Guides, Anna Victoria Fit Body Guides, PITT 28, Lauren Gleisberg 30x30. If commiting to a program seems intimidating, start small and try a few days out of the week and work your way up. 
  2. Get your Girls (or Guys) - We all need a little help from our friends sometimes. I started working out with a group of girls to stay accountable when I lived in NYC. We all did BBG together and would update and motivate each other each week. I made friends through different classes and then eventually became comfortable doing my own thing in the gym. Plus it’s more fun sweating it out with friends...then coffee and brunch after. Well deserved!
  3. Measure Progress - It’s not always on a scale. Sounds weird but take a few progress photos. Or if you have a certain dress or pants..try them on. You’ll find certain outfits to fit much more comfortably. Body composition is a crazy thing and the scale can always be a little tricky especially if you are working to lean out and add more muscle. Once you notice little things here and there it is such a nice check point to keep up the work!
  4. Make it Realistic - Don’t set your sights on something you know is really not going to happen.  If you know the mornings really are not your thing with your work schedule..aim for evenings. If you know in the evening you are going to flop on the couch as soon as you get home from a busy work day, start pushing for morning workouts/classes. Find a way to get in at least 45 mins X amount of times in a week.
  5. How Do You Feel - Check in and really evaluate how you feel - do you feel stronger, are you happy with your classes/workouts? The more positive vibes, the easier it is to keep the good times goin!
  6. Enjoy It - Find something that you actually like! Are classes your thing? Dance, swim, bike, run, walk, kickbox...try different things and see what sticks!
  7. Reward with Wellness- Get a massage, manicure, make a healthy brunch, a cute new target outfit! I loveee getting a massage or going home to make a healthy breakfast after a good workout. After completing a program or hitting a FitGoal I would make a Sephora trip or get a new outfit. Feel good + look good!
  8. Plan Ahead and Don’t Flake! Set the time on a calendar or phone reminder. I like to write it down and post to my instagram stories. I stamp my time and place and you all know to find me in the am. I feel like I am telling my friends that THIS is what I am doing, and I can’t flake out. I have missed a few times and yes I do get - Hey where were you msgs, you didn’t post haha. Thanks for the accountability. 
  9. Get a Jammin Playlist - Soundscloud is my JAM. I loveeee finding remixes and hour long sets. Sometimes I’ll throw it back to college jams or live that club nightlife at 6am. Music makes such a difference especially if you are doing cardio solo. LOVE this one HERE.
  10. Don’t Worry About Perfection - Just get moving.  Your workout doesn't always have to be perfect. Try your best and at least you are making the effort. A little goes a long way, especially building over time.
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    I hope this was helpful to you or gave you a little motivation to keep it up OR start something new! If any of you have any Fitlist tips to how you reach your goals let me know! This week I’m on my 8th week of Kayla Itsines BBG 1.0 Guide. I’ve done it twice and BBG 2.0 a few times -it still is never an easy one to get through. Combining it with my Barre+Pilates classes I feel so much stronger these days. Happy Tuesday!



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