Monday, March 27, 2017

West Coast Romper

And apparently last week was the first day of Spring. In NYC, maybe not - but on the calendar lets just go with it. I am so excited to finally start sharing some fun Spring looks/trends with you.  I've been shopping around and this season there are so many fresh looks! Tassels, fringe, florals...It has definitely put me in vacation mode. Speaking of from my trip to LA this month will be trickling in. I'm sure y'all have caught on to the blogger life. Honestly, we all pretty much stock pile pictures and fun stories to share when the time is right haha or when I am able to piece together how it all went :) The time has come...

So LALA LAND...It was my first time visiting and I decided to go see a friend of mine from high school.  We went hiking, did some shopping, and stayed at The Standard Hotel for a night. Ohh we also toured literally every celeb's home. My mom was asking me which houses I saw, lol I was like I'm not sure which ones I didn't see? A lot of HUGE homes and huge house payments that's for sure. Definitely a more relaxed pace vs. our on the go NYC lifestyle - but it was so nice to catch up and see life in LA. I think my favorite part was driving the Pacific Coast Highway. Oh the views were gorgeous! It was still a little chilly outside, but I took advantage of the beach palms and spring/summer vibes. I'll be making my way back for sure, there are so many places to see and explore!
Now on to spring/summer - Bring on the florals! It's a given that this time of year stores are filled with floral prints and garden themes. Being a Texas native, we love our prints and now is the prime time for them. Finally when the city is on board with prints - I catch myself seriously trying to not buy all the things. Since I am seeing a lot of crossover from last seasons trends, I really need to go back and dig out my spring wardrobe just to see what I have. This trip I pulled a high school move and swapped clothes with my friend haha we used to do that all the time to mix and match different looks. I borrowed this CUTE bright red floral romper (here) for the day. It's from Francescas (loveeee me some Frannys) and I also linked similar printed rompers at the end of this post.

Also another favorite way to keep up with the seasonal fashions (without dipping too deep into the brunch funds - wait jk I mean rent/adult things) is to highlight accessories. Tassels are still so strong! It seems that this year though it is all about statement tassel earrings. The ones I am wearing came from a boutique in San Antonio last summer (why did I not buy more colors?). I've seen a lot of them in stores now and I linked similar ones below.
SO about the shoes - Wood heels, cork bottoms and block artisan lace shoes are also trending. A good black and nude heel with these elements is all you really need...who am I kidding I have like 5 different pairs, Guilty. You'll see me living in these types of heels this spring (here).

This weekend was such a great one, seriously the ultimate catch up time. I like to try to plan out catch up dates each week/ explore new places on my hit list and I would say this one was a success. It's always so hard with everyone's busy schedules but sometimes you just have to nail down dates for things to happen lol Sooo Friday I had a date night with a girlfriend. We went to Cello Wine Bar in midtown and it was so cute! Can never go wrong with girl time and a cheese plate+wine. After my HIIT class Saturday, I ended up at Ground Central a coffee shop I've wanted to try (reminds me of my college home Sweet Eugenes). All the couches and coffee smells, takes me back to my Mays days. That night I finally saw Beauty and the Beast (ah so good all the feelings...I laughed and secretly cried). Adding a Chip coffee mug to my wish list, the cutest!

Ended the weekend at Rosies for a bday brunch + Pietro Lolita for some sips afterwards. The pink decor in Pietro is seriously SO great. I'll be back for the insta pics don't worry G&G is on it haha.  Finally had a much needed phone call from my bestie back home. Eeek her baby is due so soon! Can't wait to be an Auntie V <3 So many exciting things happening for everyone.

Back on that Monday grind - Hope everyone is had a great day! Ready to be back in TX this weekend, let the boyfriend bday celebration begin!!!



Monday, March 20, 2017

Get the Look X Miranda Kerr

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Ok, can we all agree that Australia seems to have a lot goin on when it comes to the fashion, fitness, and food world... okayyy kangas and koalas are also adorable.
Breaking down the G&G Aussie Favs List:
Former VS model, current business women, and mom - As busy as her life seems Miranda always looks gorgeous. I would describe her style/look as elegant and pulled together. As every model has that sporty chic street look style down - Miranda always seems have more of a feminine touch to her off duty looks. Even her airport style includes heels, flowy skirts, and an animal print belt (love).
I LOVE watching British Vogue's Inside the Wardrobe series. Taking a peek into my favorite stars closets and hearing their takes on personal style/trends is so much fun. Check out our girl MK's Inside the Wardrobe interview.  In her BV interview last Spring, Miranda Kerr described her personal style as classic, tailored + a twist, and loves a good print (great minds). She is not afraid to play with accessories (oversized hats+printed scarves) or vintage styles. Miranda is here to dress to impress...without trying too hard of course. Really though, who wants to spend hours upon hours trying to style the perfect look? Guilty at times...but hey lets take note from our GTL girl and try to avoid riding that train. Nobody got time for that!
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This past season I had been eyeing this layered MK look I found on Pinterest. The look is another shorts + tights combo (see my past look here) and everything seemed like something currently living in my closet. Sure enough I was able to dig out a grey jacket, black shorts/tights, basic booties, and a chambray button down. And YES as I mentioned in a previous Instagram post here, this Celine Bag was the find of a lifetime (still an investment but ah a great deal). Resale/consignment is my jam and NYC has some of the best. I was so excited when I found this bag and I know I'll be using it forevaaa.

Inspired by Miranda Kerr? The main outfit formula on this GTL =  A topper jacket + chambray or denim button down + shorts/tights + booties. Honestly any colors in the above list could be cute too! Play with what you have - It's all the layers and textures I think are what bring this look together.

Also foodie side note - This cafe is not Aussie based BUT finally tried Egg Shop this past weekend and it was so good. Yes they serve eggs lol and it has been on my hit list for awhile. I went on a new friend date (working on that branching out resolution) ah and we had the best time! The wait was totally worth it (snag a Horchata Latte next door at Cafe Integral Coffee to pass the time) and I'll definitely be back. Snaps below and pleaseeee get the Toga Party cruiser - Aka a bowl of sweet potato hummus, pulled chicken, veggie, poached egg goodness! Your girl ChefV may or may not have the NEW cookbook on pre-order as well. :) 

Ok back to GTL. Whether Miranda is mom on the go, modeling, at an event, or street stylin it up - her look is always on point. Pretty sure she will always be one of my favorite fashion influencers. After all classic, elegant, and chic... never go out of style.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Black+White+Camel = Basics

So how about that snow day today? Glad it wasn't anything crazy serious - bonus was a nice quiet day working from home and left my apt only once haha. I was getting a little cooped feeling, happy my dance class was still on this evening. Danced out my couch butt and now onto this week's style post :)

What's black and white and camel all over? Yo basicssss girl! Since living in NYC I have definitely learned the power of basics/neutrals. Don't get me wrong, I do love a fun print but sometimes when zero thought needs to happen I think black, white, and camel. It is seriously the ideal outfit formula. I wanted to put together something a little dressier than the average legging/top combo and the above is what happened. My favorite pieces in this look would have to be my skirt and shoes. I found this cute camel A-line button skirt from H&M last season. I tried my hardest to find similar styles online - not a ton of luck! But check in stores because I know I've seen a few floating around.  Channeling inner Ariana, it has a soft micro suede feel and my previous boss knows how much I love these button down skirts haha. It was all I wanted to buy last Spring ;)

Also these shoes were such a great find, less than $30 and I found them at a Macys Backstage in Queens. They too have a faux suede feel and the block heel is just so comfortable. Although it was chilly on this day - you'll catch me in more Spring looks here with these caged heels. Ok yessss- the top and bag were also Backstage finds as well. SO many great things to shop and outfits to be created in these stores. This leather mini bag caught my eye last holiday season as it reminds me of a Fendi 2Jours bag - Ah another life bag goal. You really never know what you might find.

You know how I feel about my leather jacket - the perfect outfit completer. Linked here are a few of my favs from a previous post I did. Pretty much if you mix and match any neutral basic color for the most part it works. This past winter (jk still in it) I lived in black/grey leggings, a black sweater, and my camel scarf. No matter what I'll always have wine/burgundy to my basics color palette - gotta add that lipstick in. Here I am wearing my fav new matte Lip Paint by Tarte in Bling...this stuff has some serious staying power!

How pretty is this choker? I been obsessed with them this season! Tie necks, layered, velvet, them all. I've seen a lot of cute options online and in stores at Asos, Forever21, H&M, Zara, and Macys. A friend got me this one for my birthday last month and I think it's so unique. I don't have anything like it and I've received so many sweet compliments on it. Thank you Sarah, you know me well :)

Also I have to make a shoutout to my girls (Sarah and Angela) for helping me get these shots. Total group effort lol The GLitzsquad, Gsquadd, GlamSquad...we decided there was a lot we could do with the whole G thing haha. The day before we took these it was easily 60+ degrees so I figured the next day would be warm too. Perfect right? JK. It was cold, I was freezing here, and my friends were total stars helping me carry my move in worthy bags of outfits and shoes. We made an afternoon of Coffee/lunch at Maman, champagne pitstops at a Bagel Diner, and camping out from the cold at the Nomo Soho (coming soon in a new post). Thanks again guys - Champs on me next round :)


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Trending - Standing Out in Camo

After coming off a weekend of sunshine and LA beach views, thinking this next weekend will be spent in cozy pom beanies and sweaters. The thought of snow kind of makes me think ugh...but I'm going to stay positive and think warm and cozy thoughts (and outfits).

Blend in? Nope, lets try standing out – Trending this year have been all things Camo. I’ve seen bags, leggings, pants, jackets, skirts all repping this print (ideas linked below). Camo has officially made its name in fashion, and I’m not talking about Destiny’sChild Survivor status either lol Ok so at first I wasn’t 100% sure of this trend, but eventually (as most things do) it grew on me. In a previouspost here, I mentioned I love wearing olive – So I figured I'd give this look a try. As a fellow small town Texan, my peeps back home have been trending this look for years! Lol but in more of a hunting/fishing way of course. Runways and retailers are fully on board with the military army inspired print. This color combo isn’t new but these past few seasons I’ve definitely noticed a stronger presence in stores. With Spring on the move I'm also seeing lighter camo prints and added color too.

A few weeks ago, I came across this pullover top HERE and I’ve caught myself wearing it a lot lately. The lace up front (also trending) gives this more of a fashion vs. hunting feel. It's the perfect pullover post gym too with a baseball cap. The trick to this trend I would say is to keep it simple. Choose one camo piece (top, bottom, jacket) and pair it back with a basic. You can create SO many different looks with this. I’ve even seen a few girls take it a step further and dress it up with a sequin bottom/skirt or leather jacket. I chose to layer with my favorite H&M black topper jacket (similar) and black leggings. I know we are SO over winter but with 20 degree weekends still happening – the Pom beanie is a must for me - Also found at Necessary in stores.

Getting my Pinterest on! Created a fun #Trending Pin for G&G
P.S Sad to be leaving LA – It was so nice catching up with my high school friend! She showed me such a great time! Oh we also shot some fun spring looks – excited to have those in the works for you all! Hope you all had a great weekend. Easing back into that week on a Wednesday is the best way to go.


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Get the Look X Taylor Hill

Hi friends! Today is another Get the Look feature today. My last Gigi Hadid GTL post and VERY first GTL post with Olivia Palermo here seem to be everyone's favs. They are my favorite posts to write as well, it's always so much fun for me to re-create looks from my style inspo girlies. Doing this also helps me think outside the box - what do I have that could possibly work here? Ask yourself the same thing if there's a certain trend or idea you are trying to style.

My GTL girl today is Taylor Hill. She is one of my favorite models and VS Angels. Since her VS signing in 2015 there is not been a billboard or campaign I have not seen her in (wuddup Lancome). She always seems to be nonstop on the go and is the definition of cover girl beauty. Taylor has not only made a splash on the runway but this girl is always killin its with her style game. No matter how glam she may be she always seems to be having fun - I love following her snaps lol (insta/snap stalking - her dog Tate is the cutest)  She's the one joking around on set and seems to be very down to earth. When I see stars in the media I ask myself, would I be her friend? And yes, I think Tay and I would be pretty tight.

What do I love most about her style? She keeps things balanced and basic. Basic meaning key investment pieces (the leather jacket) and pairs with a t-shirt, leggings, or black dress. She proves that you can master beauty queen and cool girl street style. I mean lets get real, most models can but her realness I think is what draws me in.

What I like most about this look is the leather jacket. They look cool, make you feel cool, and everyone just might think you're cool? Not 100% on that last one, but I really love the easy instant outfit they give. I found mine on sale at Mango (similar here) a couple of seasons ago. It's the perfect topper to most outfits. Yes I would consider this an investment piece- BUT they are SO worth it. I am always one spend less on true trend and more on lasting classics.

As for my girl Taylor, Vogue captured her girl next door personalty quite well Here. Lol at "I need to get a snack"... yes we would definitely be friends.

Ending sum it up if ever there was a classic must have wardrobe staple, it would be a leather jacket. I know embellishment and embroidered styles are trending now but there's nothing like a good leather piece to really bring a look together. 
More inspired Taylor leather looks herehere, and here.  I also linked a few of my favorite jacket styles below. There are several different price points too - you can always go synthetic and still Get the Look without dipping too far into the brunch dollas ;)


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