Sunday, February 26, 2017

Feeling Fur+Glam

This past weekend - NYC was crushing so hard on Spring. 60 degrees, sunny, open door cafe seating...very much into it. I'm trying to snap more Spring looks these days. It's always so hard to know exactly when to switch out the closets. Oh and Texas girls - Lucky you, ya'll have NO clue what I'm talking about here. Northern girlies literally have to keep seasonal clothing under a bed (or wherever it fits) and then switch it out when it's time. All that cold weather stuff takes up so much space in our little homes. So right now I'm slowly bringing a few things out - Still hanging onto a few cold weather styles. Today, I wanted to share one of my favorite looks from a few weeks ago.

Pretty glam is how my furry vests make me feel. Is it weird that certain outfits can change my mood? Nope because it's a real thing - Aka "enclothed cognition". I was reading about it here. Makes sense, I always feel so much better about life when I have a plan and something cute goin on (insert emoji). Also shorts+tights...kind of a strange concept to me at first. I was inspired to give it a go from these girls here and here. Happy I did because I think this look is so cute and keeps you a little warmer especially for trans times like Jan/Feb. I wore this out with my boyfriend, to brunch, and I would wear a look like this out for drinks/out. I feel like this is an easy look to pull together with any shorts/tights/boots/vest. Get ready to see more of these looks next fall/trans season...layer love.

Of course always SO much love for my over the knee boots.  As I mentioned, NYC is a little behind in the whole Spring thing, but I'm still able to get away with my favorite Over the Knee boots...not much longer though. I found these a few seasons ago by Guess. This season OTKs were all over the place. Lucky you, some stores might still be lingering and they are all on sale - so I say time to snatch a deal! Loving these options below.

Hope you all had a great weekend! Excited for a shorter week and catch up time with friends. Beginning my packing list for LA. EEEK! Similar styles posted below.



Friday, February 24, 2017

Baseball Cap Cool

Before moving to NYC I would have never imagined wearing baseball caps and sneakers as often as I do. I know my blog is Glitzy&Glossy but my style has definitely evolved from everyday Glitz. Don't get me wrong this girl loves dressing up, but embracing a more comfy casual side of my closet has been a great move these days. Sometimes it's just too cold outside to care lol and sometimes life is much easier with half done hair and happy feet.

This amazing jacket find came into my life last year from a Macy's Backstage in Long Island. I was so excited to find this furry designer anorak. This year, I stumbled upon this cute baseball hat and I love the neutral perf details - It seems to go with just about everything. Between all my colored beanies and pom hats I'm starting to add more to my baseball cap collection (this is #3). I've also been wearing this jacket a lot after my weekend workouts with a cap or beanie to run errands in. The whole cap/sneaker combo is here to stay in my closet that's for sure. I also have a few bombers I've been rotating through the casual looks as well (prev post). Since I previously owned a lot of this outfit I linked a few similar inspired at the end of the post.

Speaking of casual...CALIFORNIA. Ah I am SO excited for my trip beginning March! I found a great deal online and booked a direct flight to LA from NYC. I'll be visiting a high school friend and I cannot wait for some sunny weather in my life. I haven't been before and it'll be fun to explore and have a mini vacation. If anyone has any go to suggestions please send them my way! Thinking I'll start getting a mini hit list ready this weekend. Beyond READY to dig out my Spring/summer styles! Happy Friday friends.



Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Get the Look X Gigi Hadid

Effortlessly cool, casual glam, street chic, and #goalsssss. Those are just a few words I would say describe Gigi Hadid's style. I've admired her way to make casual, cool and glam...pretty dang glamorous. I chose to feature a more casual/model off duty Get the Look style today.  Lately Gigi has been sporting tons of athleisure looks (oh hii Reebok). I think we can all take a lesson from Gigi's book and keep things chill and relaxed. Hoping to add more of these Get the Look features to G&G (new tab that the header of my blog) - It's always a fun challenge for me to find a look for less or recreate something that made me think "hmm yes style goals".

Noticing the whole silk bomber trend is still going strong during this weird transitional weather (NYC make up your mind please). I found this gorgeous olive colored bomber here last month at Necessary Clothing in Soho. Necessary Clothing has to be one of the best kept secrets when it comes to affordable trend. I always come out of there with some Pinterest inspired item. Bombers are so comfy and surprisingly versatile. I've worn this one to work, with jeans/leggings, to the airport, this look is cute HERE too over a dress. I also LOVE this Zara bomber (it might still be lingering in stores) and this studded one as well also on sale. Another bomber babe I love to follow is @tesschristinexo - she wears them with edgy lace and always looks so cute.

Also olive or Greenery just so happens to be the Pantone color of the year - and it's about time because I LOVE this shade. Excited to see more of this color on retail floors. Apparently Greenery is nature's neutral...I'll say it's now a fashion neutral in my closet too.



Sunday, February 19, 2017

G&G Whole 30 Help Guide

So last summer some would say I decided to do something kinda crazy...I eliminated all processed foods, added sugar, dairy, grains, legumes, and alcohol (yep) from my life for 30 days. Why would I do this?! Honestly this was kind of an experiment for me socially and health/nutrition wise. With life/school engagements, work events, and just being a twenty-something year old out about with friends - I could not honestly say I had never gone 30-40 days without ANY of the list above... I'm looking at you bread and alcohol (killin me NYC). My stomach wasn't always feeling 100% and I wanted to figure out what the deal was. It also became a kitchen cooking challenge for me and I wanted to just see if I could even do this...challenge accepted. What exactly is this crazy concept called? Say hello to Whole30.

I know this is a fashion style based blog but I have had so many questions from family and friends about my experience. I loved the ending feeling/NSVs (explained below) and I figured this would be a nice way for me to share shortcuts I found, recipes, favorite foodie finds, and tips on how I got through the 30 days.

Let me explain real quick - this is NOT a diet. The goal is not to lose weight or even measure weight loss (although zero booze and processed foods it happens). I love that this idea is about how you feel. It's a complete 360 reset I would say. The focus is on eating whole REAL foods and NSV - None scale victories. A few of my NSVs: I noticed my skin felt and looked great, learned new recipes/kitchen shortcuts, slept like a baby, positive happy moods, energyyyy bursts, clothes fit more comfortably, zero bloat sad stomach feels, and overall I just felt amazing. I loved this outcome so much I decided in January to start 2017 with round 2. Hello new year!

So my number one question I got was, "What on earth CAN you eat?"   I was surprised to see actually a lot of different foods to choose from. There's really something simplifying by focusing on the main things I could eat: Meats, seafood, veggies, fruits, nuts, dried fruit Basic list HERE.
Plantain chips, Organic Veggie Broth, Ghee, Grass Fed Angus patties, Epic Bars, Egg Whites, Chicken Sausages (check ingredients on some)
So I actually got the bulk of my things from TJs. It's priced so well and a lot of the foods are on the list. I found all veggies and proteins here... listed above are a few favorites. 

Fav Whole Foods Products: A LOT pricier, but some things you really can only seem to find there.

Timing: Pick a quiet time in life to do this - no weddings, bdays, January...a time when you know you can do this without feeling like you are missing out on something special.
Plan: When things get unorganized and I feel overwhelmed, that's usually when I'm not into it anymore.  Seriously READ THE BOOK ( or have a good idea of it) and give yourself a few weeks to gradually gather things you wouldn't normally have on hand in the kitchen - certain oils, nuts, ghee, almond/coconut milks, more expensive meats. It didn't seem as expensive for me to do this vs. making a big grocery haul all at once.
Clean Up: Yes clean and organize your cabinets. I put all the things that were not compliant on the third shelf and everything good to go eye level. It really helps eliminate the whole can I have???? question when you're READY for din.
Use a Crockpot: This saves lives. It's seriously the biggest time saver. There are SO many easy overnight recipes you can make and use throughout the week.
Meal Sizes: It did take me some time to try to figure out my meal sizes. Of course if I was hungry or pre/post work out I would have a compliant snack. But overall I tried to make my meals big enough to last me to the next. At first I felt like I was eating SO much but learned that feeling full and happy sure beat that 4:30 or pre lunch hanger. Use the template for an idea here. 
Frozen Veggies: They are your bestie. They are cheap, save well, and are and easy meal base when you need something quick.
Meal Preps: Make Meal preps to last for about 3 days. Plan at the end of the week what your main menu will be. Sundays and Wed were my days to make 3 main things and use throughout  breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I made a basic google sheet similar to this here and planned my weekly menu.
Meal 123: I like Melissa's advice to think of breakfast as another meal. So meal 1, 2, and 3. That way you don't feel weird about eating leftover steak or chicken for breakfast vs. a more breakfasty meal...and you stay full until lunch. Oh the reactions I got eating "dinner" for breakfast haha.
Yassss Snacks: Always have something on hand - it's when times are tough and your starving for something you crack lol Here are a few of my favs that would tide me over. Raisin boxes, Trader Joes plantain chips, Epic Bars, mixed nuts, Compliant Lara Bars compliant RX Bars (without peanuts), piece of fruit, Chomp Sticks, Boiled Eggs+berries.
Eating Out: Check the menu ahead of time so you aren't scrambling there. I've had luck with most breakfast places because you can usually get boiled eggs+smoked salmon+fruit or something like that. Any place with a salad bar is also a great option as well. NYC friends- Try Springbone Kitchen. Pretty much everything is Whole30 compliant and it's reallllyyyyy good. I went every Saturday for breakfast with friends (get the portobello burger or chicken zoodle soup).
Your Peeps: Connect with others or enlist a friend - It helps to not feel alone lol Or have someone who is excited and supportive on your team. My mom and I had fun sharing snaps/recipes during my first round. She loved the recipes and came up with a few new ones for me to try too. This past January I had friends either do Whole30 or Dry January so it was fun having dinners/people to hangout with and not feel the ahhh I am missing out factor. Also you don't have to be a hermit - I was actually more social to keep mind off things. I had dinners or met up with friends for tea/coffee vs. happy hour. I did workout classes with friends, got manicures/ laid out in the summer...You find ways to still be social.

YAAA This is what I did POST Whole30 - Not gonna lie. The Doughnut Project does NOT disappoint.
Favorite Go to Recipes: G&G Pinterest Idea Board HERE
  • Instant Soup Recipe - Add bone broth/veggie broth to cooked chicken and mixed veggies Soup 
  • Snack Plate - Mixed deli meats, avocado half, boiled egg, mixed nuts, apple/fruit slices
  • Butternut Soup - Add a can of puree butternut squash, chopped onion, 1 can coconut milk, 3 cups veggie broth, salt+pepper to a pot and cook = soup.
  • Crockpot chicken -  Put 3 frozen chicken breasts in the crockpot, add spices+ chicken/veggie broth. Cook low for 7 hrs = Instant shredded chicken. I would mix this with veggies, kale, 
  • Chicken Hash - Recipe Here
  • Overeasy eggs + leftovers
  • Italian Ground turkey or beef: Cook ground turkey or beef with canned tomatoes and add Italian spice blend
  • Baked potato with above shredded chicken+veggies+franks hot sauce
  • Chicken Salad - Shredded chicken, boiled egg, kale, salt+pepper, olive oil, golden raisins, Avo mayo, pulse in a food processor. 
***If all else fails just remember this...
Meal bases (below): + Protein (any meat/seafood) + fat (usually nuts or Avocado)

  • Broth
  • Greens
  • Roasted veggies
  • Cauliflower "rice"

Know your Spices: It makes everything more exciting. I added a lot of the below to meats, seafood, or veggies for some flavor. Also check your labels because a lot of spices have sugar (surprise surprise). Pinterest also has some great spice mix ideas too!
  • Instant Italian - Oregano+garlic+basil+salt+pepper+red pepper flakes
  • Instant Asian - Sesame seed oil+ garlic+ginger+salt+pepper+coconut aminos+olive oil
  • Instant Mexican - Cilantro+salt+pepper+cumin+jalapeno peppers+tomatoes
  • Instant Indian - Curry powder+salt+pepper+coconut flakes+red pepper or Turmeric 
  • Basics - Salt+pepper+garlic powder
  • Instant Sausage Spice - Sage+thyme+salt+pepper+garlic powder
YES The Doughnut Project

Surprising Things I learned: 

  • SUGAR IS IN EVERYTHING - Even frozen veggies sometimes. Meats, canned veggies/fruits, almond was a huge surprise to see just how many things have sugar that don't need it at all. 
  • I CAN drink my coffee black and actually like it. 
  • Your tastebuds change and you kind of don't miss or crave things towards the end. 
  • Bored eating is a real thing - If you aren't down for grilled chicken or veggies. You really aren't hungry. 
  • The Whole30 timeline is also on pointttt - Click HERE to see what you might go through 
  • Raisins, plantain chips,and Duene Reade mixed nuts became life staples - lol my team at work knows ALL about this.
  • I got really creative in the kitchen and if you are out and about most places are accommodating...just ask nicely. 
  • Yogurt makes my skin mad and my tummy NOT so happy. Grains are also not the easiest on my stomach either - but I'll pick my battles and eat what I want, at least I know now :)
I know this seems like A LOT. Believe me I was like ??? at first too. But you will get the hang of it. It's really so worth it and you do feel wonderful afterwards. Now, I try during the week to live a loose Whole30 ish (I said ish) based on what I've learned throughout the process. I hope this helped anyone out there debating giving this a shot or even just easing into eating better. If you have any other questions feel free to message me or text/call if you have my info. I would be more than happy to help.

Resources I used during Whole30: 
Whole30 Website
Whole30 Cookbook - SO many great recipes
Downloads List - I kept this in my Ibooks on my phone. Having the additives and basic rules with me was always extremely helpful
Pinterest - SO many helpful articles and recipe ideas on here. I have a board HERE that I keep just to stay organized and get ideas. I suggest making one and referring when you need a whole30 version of something you are trying to make.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Lady in Red

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! Tis the month for love and all things pink, red, and white. I know some of y'all might think today is a cheesy holiday, but I'm into anything that requires celebrating and dressing up. Whether you have a significant other or a solid girl gang I hope you have a great day filled with love and all the treats! Wait...shouldn't that just be everyday? I vote yessssss. Now lets go grab something sweet - after all it's Tuesday we survived Monday and we deserve it :) 

Although I am happily taken, with a long distance relationship Chayson and I pick another day to celebrate. 
This past weekend we did dinner in Houston at El Tiempo and tacos and Margs = the true way to my heart lol. Ah those fajitas were delish - Living in New York I'm sure there's some amazing Mexican food retaurants here. I just haven't had the heart to find any...I know there's always a slew of options in Texas.  OF course the main reason for the weekend season was celebrating the marriage of my beautiful cousin and her now hubs! It was a wonderful weekend catching up with family and seeing everyone. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous (venue goals here) and I'm so happy for my cousin and her price charming...Currently they are St. Lucia bound and I cannot wait to see all their fun photo adventures. This one honeymoon image popped up this morning and I sure am wishing for some of that on this 20 degree day. Love you both - SO happy to see you both on your special day #happilyeverhammock.

A couple of weeks ago I was shopping Macys (all about that magic) and I fell in love with this red dress. I knew it would be perfect for a Feb wedding occasion. This BCBGeneration dress was seriously such a great find and at a great price holla. Right now there are limited sizes online at Bloomingdales ( I could not find it online at Macys) but check your stores because there might be a few left in stock. I linked a few similar looks up top to "get the look". Today both Bloomies and Macys are having a final Vday sale so grab your special occasion looks while you can! The color and cut really pops with this dress and the silhouette moves and flows like a dream. It also pairs perfectly with a red lip too (y'all know I love that). My sister this weekend introduced me to Tarte Lip Paint in XOXO. AH seriously the perfect red and has some serious staying power - kiss proof too ;). After using hers I bought two more in Delish and Bling for everyday wear. Check them out - definitely a new favorite of mine. I linked a few more red lip favorites down below.

Happy to be home and back in the swing of things. I have a busy week ahead but I'm ready to get going! This year I decided to give NYFW a stab and stop by a few events. Ah I met Olivia Palermo last week (pic here) at her Banana Republic Pop Up Shop event. Everything was gorgeous - I would expect nothing less from Olivia.

Happy Vday everyone! Have a great day.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

VDay Blushing+Navy

Hi Friends! Hope you all are off to a nice start to the week. Ah this weekend was a great one! I celebrated early Bday festivities (eek actual day is tomorrow) and I loved having everyone get together for the night. We did this AWESOME dinner party special at my favorite Bar+Restaurant -The Crooked Knife (bottomless champagne - I was into it!). SO many great first NYC memories there since my first apt was upstairs...and the food is awesome too! After dinner we made our way downtown to Rumpus Room for drinks and dancing...also another frequent fav spot. I gotta say - my friend Gabriel at RR can throw a pretty fun party. I'll post more of the weekend fun in a separate post!

With Vday around the corner I wanted to share a little blue and blush style inspo. I LOVE this pretty blush dress and yep you guessed it - I found it at Macy's. All about that magic y'all. But really, BCBGeneration has some really pretty dresses, and when you hit a sale jackpot - it's only a matter of time. Right now there is a Valentine's Pop Up Sale happening (in store and online) so time to take advantage ladies. Gifts for you or your gal...OK guys too, I guess they get fun things as well ;) I found my navy heels at Zara awhile back and I want to say the earrings are from Charming Charlie. Above are a few similar recent styles to Get the Look.

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