Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trending -MultiCOLOR

Trendinggggg....One of my favorite trends this past season I would have to say is seeing all the fuzzy multicolor styles. Since living in NYC of course black, grey, and white have become easy closet staples. I do love and appreciate all the fun colors though - Furry jacketsaccessoriesscarvesstoles, and even shoes sure did brighten up once dreary winter store windows. I was a little late to the game on this one but in January for me, the price was finally right. A few weeks ago I was able to get my hands on this fun multi colored anorak. Thankfully I scored an amazing deal at a shop in the Upper Eastside. It's already been worn several times with my beanie on weekends, running errands, and I've even worn it to work a couple of times. I've had a number of compliments on it and to me every compliment/wear is $$$ towards what I paid. Since jackets are basically your winter outfit, might as well make it cute! I think overall this look brings me out of my comfort zone and can pair with casual daily outfits or edge it up  with black denim/all black errythanggg (the NYC in me lol). I don't feel restricted to one look and with the colors - there's a lot to work with. I know I'll get great use (seeing as how the NYC winter game is still going strong). Plus the lining is removable and the entire jacket reverses to a vest too! I'll be sure to post that look soon.

A lot of the fast fashion guys have some great faux fur options on sale now. I haven't found many online but in stores definitely check out the sale section. If you're not looking to spend on a jacket there's always a layered scarf/stole look. Solid topper coats or over a long sleeve would definitely be a nice option for multi colored furry stoles. This look might not be for everyone, but since the beginning of the season I loved these scarves pinned below.

ALSO how cool is this blue door? Props to my friend Sarah and her artsy eye. One of my favorite parts of G&G - enlisting friends and fam for outfit snaps lol As previously mentioned, this whole thing really is a group effort. So thank you for the fun afternoon and hopping around all the Murray Hill doorsteps/messing with my moody camera :) 

Ok tried so hard to find my jacket online - I wasn't able to buttttt here are few really pretty street style outfit inspirations below I found on Pinterest. Also there's a few similar looks linked above and also this one here too. Like is said before January is the time to buy so be on the lookout and I'm sure there's another hidden find.

What's trending in my life? Well anyone who knows me/has talked to me recently... I finished Whole30 Yesterday - SO HAPPY. This was my second round #winteredition and I really just wanted a nice reset after all the December fun. I'll have to post a more in depth post about my Whole30 experiences another time, but for now I will say that it works! I feel so good and (insert emoji sparkle). Plus all my peeps were doing DryJan so we all stuck together on this one. February is a big month for me...SO many birthdays (I'm the 8th), Chayson comes to NYC to celebrate this weekend, I'll be back in TX for my cousins wedding (SO PUMPED), and overall socially catching up from my quiet January hibernation. 

Hope you all are off to a great week! Let me know if you find any fun multicolor trends on sale - Now go forth and shop.


Friday, January 27, 2017

Date Night Glitz

Dress (Similar) // Sparkle Top (Similar layer idea here, here, and here )// Booties (Similar) // Lipstick // Handbag (Similar)// Earrings

With V-Day just around the corner I wanted to post something a little date night GLITZY&Glossy - This outfit brings on the glitz. Date night with the ladies or your man this is an easy look to pull together. I'm sure you even have a few things in your own closet similar to layer up + add a jeweled necklace or earrings.

Noticing lately that sparkles are not just for NYE - they are here to stay! I'm seeing lots of cute daytime sequin looks (also working on a fun sequin pant post yeee).  I have to say this black dress that I am wearing (layered under my top) has been such a great find. It was actually a barrow from college that was never returned - sorry Judes oops. But I love it so much so it's officially been adopted. I love layering flowy tops or sweaters over dresses, all about that multi function. Another layered dress look in a Previous Post HERE. This Jcrew-esque top was one of my fab finds at Macy's Backstage (NYC/TX peeps hit up your stores there's some great finds!). Ah I love the fun details and I feel like I could easily dress it up a little more with heels or casual with a jacket/wear with a pair of jeans and flats. Adding this to my next date night options list. I posted a few similar inspiration pieces above.

Today is a great day. I had ONE more vacation day and decided to take a personal day. Having a fun little NYC staycation. This morning I took a fav pilates class of mine at my gym - I can never make the Friday class before work so I was happy about that this morning. Later on I'll be visiting a friend in Park Slope. I've never been to that part of Brooklyn so I'm excited to go see my friend Jen and explore. Currently catching up on a few upcoming blog posts at the cutest cafe - Cafe Champignon. Breakfast consisted of a double espresso (jacked up), poached eggs with a side of smoked salmon, AND all Whole30 approved :) I finish up my January Whole30 Tues and I AM SO EXCITED. Ready for some fun Feb wedding/bday celebrations. Stay tuned friends. 


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Back in Berry

Hi friends...I am BACK! I know it's been awhile since the last G&G update. Almost 2 years to be exact. To be honest - I got kind of caught up in life, trying to make this whole blog thing perfect, and I became a little overwhelmed. Everything is not always going to be picture perfect (as much as bloggers make it seem to be) real talk a lot of time and work really goes into all of this. I'll admit, I got caught up in it and I was just feeling ahhh.
Coming into the new year I decided that the root of all of my resolutions ended in balance (balancing life, friends, work, fitness, blog?). My personality tends to go pretty hard in certain directions and I'm working to find a happy medium with all things that I love...including G&G. Going back to some of my very first posts it's fun looking back at early NYC life/my personal style. Hoping to continue again this time around.

Pretty much Year 1 NYC -  Go go go always, Year 2 NYC -  Comfortable VERY routine based, Year 3 NYC +  Time for the balancing act.
I really loved Glossy&Glitzy when I first started - I was always branching out with my style, trying new things, and really always exploring this amazing city checking off my most see/go to places. So this time I am taking a more balanced approach for Glitzy&Glossy. Yeppp I know different name...I also learned that putting a domain on a card that gets stolen means you lose the auto renewel option as well. Sooo that brings us to Glitzy&Glossy (G&G). I hope you all enjoy my small corner of the world wide web G&G. Let the adventures begin!

Life Skim Version: These past couple of years NYC has grown into my official home away from home, I've learned a thing or two about that whole surviving life in your 20s (good friends + vino y'all), Chef V + pinterest dominates the kitchen, I travel to TX all the time still rollin with that LDR, learned a lot about shoes, had a few downs, mostly ups, and I've met some pretty amazing people.

OK so back to the style/fashion side of my blog - The star of this look is definitely the boots...I have three pair (Black high heel and black mid block) and this berry merlot color has got to be my favorite. This season I along with the rest of the world have been obsessed with over the knee boots or the OTKs ;) At first I wasn't sure if the color would be too much of a pop, but surprisingly I've been able to work in a lot of different looks with these. I found mine in Queens at a Macy's Backstage. This store has has SO many great finds - I never know what will hop in my shopping bag! I've also worn this simple grey coat a few times and it was such a steal during all the holiday sales. My cozy black fur stole I bought from a resale shop awhile back and added it to give it more of a glam feel. Plus it actually does keep me very warm. That little stole has had such a great life with me, I love adding it to plain jackets or draped outside a handbag. Something about it makes me feel (YAS glam). 

Those who know me and my snapchat, know that coffee time is one of my favorite parts of the day. I've been so good making my own thanks to a fancy new coffee machine I got for Christmas (thanks boyfrenn). Sometimes though it is nice to take a break and venture down the street - I had no idea Stumptown Coffee was so close to my office! Very happy to know this along with Chalait. I used to go to the old West Village spot in the summer after my morning runs. Now this is so much closer to work/home. Yay. Y'all get ready for all my #basic cafe pics as well - NYC is home to some of the very best!

Happy to be back and I hope you all enjoy following along. Also props to the amazing photography by Griffin Ungar. She's great - Check her out here.

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