Monday, April 27, 2015

Denim + Denim + Elsa Braid

I don't know about you but I am absolutely loving the Spring 2015 trends! I know every year it's the same festival/crop/crochet story, but this year to me seems more memorable. Fringe, Pom poms, Tassels, Kimonos, Denim+Denim, Overalls, Matching sets, Soft Pants, Cold Shoulder tops...I'm seeing it everywhere and I'm all about it. I wanted to try something new and thought I'd give denim+denim a try. I found these soft denim pants a few weeks ago while I was out and I really like the baggy elastic ankle. This outfit is super comfy and great for weekend wear. I wore it a few weeks ago to brunch and I felt like I never left my Pjs ;)

Lately I've also been practicing my braiding game. I've been wanting to master the dutch fishtail braid. This one came out the best, after watching several Youtube tutorials haha each time I tried to channel my inner Barefoot Blonde and Elsa. I just think it looks so cool! I watched this video HERE to get the look.

This weekend I had such a great time in Texas. The wedding was beautiful and I couldn't have been more relieved to FINALLY get there. I went through quite the airport mess down South..luckily I made it just in time and I was so happy to see my pretty friend walk down the aisle. She definietly got me in the wedding season mood and I have some fun hair and makeup posts coming up soon! Tis the season y'all <3

xo Happy Monday



  1. LOVE your braid! I have not done this to my hair in forever... going to do it tomorrow now haha!

  2. Really digging that look...and your makeup is PERFECT! Really lovely...

  3. That braid is so pretty! Also love the cute denim top!
    <3 Kastles

  4. What a cute casual look and I absolutely LOVE your braid, gorgeous girly!

    Brooke |

  5. I LOVE this whole look! The statement necklace and gold pumps set it off perfectly! Adorable!

  6. Your hair looks amazing! Love it!
    xo, Kyla

  7. That braid is amazing and I love your d+d look! You look adorable!


  8. I wish I could master a hair braid like that! Fabulous!! I've been thinking about a pair of denim jogger pants. They look so comfortable and stylish. You look adorable!

  9. Love your hair! You should do a tutorial!

    xoxRachel from To Hell In A Handbag

  10. love how you dressed it up with such gorgeous jewels! pretty!

  11. your hair is gorgeous! I am with Rachel --- can you do a tutorial!!??

    xoxo, Elena Michelle

  12. Omg you are so stinking cute!! Love your hair!! All the accessories are perfect for dressing up this super casual outfit! I bought a pair of jogger pants like forever ago and have still not worn've totally inspired me!


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