Thursday, January 29, 2015

Get the Look - Olivia Palermo Hairstyle

Hi everyone! I  am so excited to finally have my Get the Look post up. I teamed up with two amazing bloggers to put together Olivia Palermo's signature look! I styled her outfit, Kyla from "Ky Marie C" is giving us OP's hairstyles (featured today on G&G),  and I have Emily from "Flowers in Emily's Hair" recreating Olivia Palermo's makeup/beauty look. Keep reading for the complete look and see my OP style on Emily's blog HERE! Don't forget to follow both Kyla and Emily for more get the look series.

**Today I am showing you all how to recreate Olivia Palermo’s signature curls! I love how she always has a middle part and rocks her pulled back classic curls.

 I start out with my Conair 1.5” curling iron on the highest setting. I apply my Tresseme Heat Protectant Spray to all of my hair. This is extremely important when applying any heat product to your hair because without it you can cause serious heat damage to your hair, which can lead to breakage and damaged hair. I start out my sectioning my hair: top/bottom half & right/left side of my head.

Starting with the bottom half, I take small sections about an inch and a half wide and curl away from my head. I hold for about 30 seconds but I have extremely thick hair. Test out different timings to find the perfect amount for your hair type.

Once I finish the bottom half of my hair, I apply an even amount of hair spray over the curls. My favorite hair spray is the Big Sexy Hair Spray & Stay. This product has amazing hold without getting crunchy and hard.

Then I move to the top half of my hair and continue to curl, alternating toward my face and away from my face. When I get to the short pieces of hair around my face I always make sure to curl those away from my face. This is done to help frame your face.  After I’m done curling the top half of my hair, I apply another coat of hairspray.

To fully get the Olivia Palermo look pull back the front sections of your hair and secure with a bobby pin.

And you’re done! You have recreated Olivia Palermo’s classic curls!

***Hope you all enjoyed Kyla's Olivia Palermo Hair tutorial. Find Olivia's Beauty look HERE with Emily, and my Olivia Style HERE on Emily's blog.




Monday, January 26, 2015

Wishing for Spring - Pastels

Pastels means Spring is coming right? I think that is just what I've been wishing lately. You know it's bad when you check the weather in the morning and think - YES it's 30 degrees! That was the case for this day above...not so much today. We were released early from work today to prep for Winter Storm Juno.  I never thought I'd have to endure an actual blizzard? How in the world do people do that? This Texas girl looked like an icicle when I finally made it to the grocery store after work. I stocked up on a few essentials (TP, candles, snacks, deli food etc.). The grocery stores were INSANE...hopefully this doesn't last too long. Everything should be cleared up by Wednesday.

A few friends and I went to brunch at The Crooked Knife last Saturday (FAVORITE neighborhood restaurant) and this was my #ootd. When they say bottomless mimosa's they really mean a lot of champagne and a litttttle bit of OJ - which makes a lovely afternoon ;)

I love these soft colors and this jacket was an amazing deal HERE. Old Navy is on point with their cold weather style steals...I could buy everything in there. I did have a hard time finding a similar floral blouse. This one came from Zara Monaco. If there is one thing I can say I KNOW I accomplished in Europe it was traveling to a Zara in every country ;) Zara Monaco, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, maybe another? - My group and I covered them all! I found a few similar floral tops (linked above).

Similar Accessories

This Rebecca Minkoff bag is one of my classic favorites. It's a great size and the gold hardware matches a lot of my wrist accessories (all about the gold these days). I bought it a few summers ago and I noticed recent similar styles here and here.

Stay warm and safe everyone! #Juno2015


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lazy Weekends

THIS is exactly what the weekends were made for (above). I'm cuddled up in the cloud blanket (invest in a down comforter it will change your life) and I have zero intentions of leaving. Last night a few friends and I had a final get together in my apartment before I move to my new place. We all had such a great time and for a second it felt like I was in college again. Looking at our group it was funny to see all the weird ways we were connected (mutual friends/work/schools) and somehow we all ended up here in the city.

This may sound silly but I'm feeling a little bummed.. I've grown SO attached to my home here. I have made so many wonderful memories shared with my Texas visitors and nyc friends. I guess you can say I'm in this weird reflective mood just thinking about this past year. Before I went to college I always wondered who are my friends going to be? What will I be like in 4 years? Where will I live/be doing? I never thought I would end up here and looking back it's crazy to think that 90% of what I knew about New York came from Blair Waldorf and Carrie Bradshaw (which by the way they both lied haha). These same thoughts rushed back as I graduated college..who will be my friends? Where will I be? What exactly am I doing?  I'm still figuring out the what exactly will I be doing (new job), but I'm thankful to have found a group of friends and a place to call home.

I think change is good and I'm excited to see what round 2 here has in store. My parents are finally coming to visit me this week and I am looking forward to some family time. Now that I actually know where I'm going/things to do - It's going to be a fun week!

Along with weekend lounging comes surfing the web. Here are a few links I stumbled upon and wanted to share :)

Five Minute Hair Styles : Because who wants to spend more than 5 mins doing that on a Monday. NOT me.

Apt Refresh 2015 : This read has some great tips and gorgeous decor inspo

Homemade Pop Tart : YES.

No Bake Energy Bites : Easy recipe, looks yummy!

Sisterly Love : My sister and I literally do 90% of these things haha Anyone with sisters KNOWS.

Lightened Orange Chicken Recipe : I definitely want to give this one a try!

LOVE this bag HERE in the powder blue. AND it won't break the bank ;)

This bow bag also needs to make an appearance in my closet.

The Anatomy of a Warm Coat : Very useful info for cold weather shopping.

Lilly for Target : LOVE these bright floral prints! The new line comes in April so be on the lookout. I could use a Lilly Pulitzer bikini this summer.

Fashion Week Guide : Corals + Cognacs covers the ins and outs of New York Fashion Week. She discusses a few things I've been wondering as well #nyfw.

Black, White, Pale Pink, and Grey decor : I could live in any of these rooms. Dreamy pretty homes.

Hope your weekend has been fab!



Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Living Glam

Moving day is quickly approaching and I also know a few ladies going through the moving process right now. Welcome to New York! Spaces here are tiny which means decorating shouldn't take up too much time...right? The above picks are exactly what I would choose for my living room decor. Right now I have pink and grey tones in my apartment. I'm hoping to add some gold along with more pops
of color! My new window will be a lot bigger and I'm excited to have some light in my living room space. It's time for a fresh new look!

A few weeks ago I purchased these gold curtains from RueLaLa along with this fashion wall art canvas (perfect for above my couch). And every girl catches themselves at one point or another wondering WWCBD (What would Carrie Bradshaw do?).  These pillows are beyond perfect.

Below are a few of my favorite go to places for apartment decor. Most of the sites are pretty reasonable and you can always find a good sale.

Happy Hunting


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Black + White + Reds

Langford Market Sweater  (similar style here and here) //  The Limited Bowtie Top (similar style) // Black Pants - these are from TJmaxx a few years ago  (similar style) // Tory Burch Handbag (gold style here) (similar red style here) // Christian Louboutin Heels (similar styles here, here, and here)

Ok...I'm not going to lie and say this day wasn't beyond chillayyyy. Yes, it was gorgeous day in Washington Square Park (the bits of fallen snow were so pretty) but that wind had a killer bite. There were literally maybe 10 people in the whole park and 10 people anywhere is a rare site in NYC. I had 2 tank tops layered under my blouse and sweater *** All about adding a little tank (or two) under my tops to keep the warmth in. 

I wanted to keep things easy and simple - Black and white. Lately I have loved adding a pop of color to an overall simplistic look. This red bag is such a great statement piece - pink or even green would be cute for the spring/summer. Check out these red minis here, here, here, and here. 

This tie top might still be in stores. I can't seem to find it online BUT I love these options here, here, and here. The sweater texture + heels still adds a casual feel to a polished look. I've worn this outfit to work and I think it's a nice cold weather office option. 

Steal of the Moment : The Zara coat here has the same kind of look as my sweater at SUCH a price $40. 


I made a little friend while we were shooting. Who wore it best? He matched perfectly and luckily his owner didn't mind us hanging out for a bit. Nice outfit choice little friend...he knows how to work that pop of color in ;) Sweet puppy, I wanted to take him home SO BAD. Can I ???

Lydia Hudgens Photography 
Life Update - I am so excited to say that I will be having a completely NEW start to this year. I know I have mentioned to you that I am moving apartments (eek) but I am also moving jobs! My new position will still be in buying with the same company but I will be working in a different department/area. My move to NYC has been based on experiencing as much as I possibly can while I am here. I think this will be a great way to meet new people and learn about buying in another area. Yay for fresh starts and "newness" ;)



Sunday, January 11, 2015

Baby It's Cold Outside

1. Quilted Coat 2. Wool Coat  3. Quilted Parka  4. Fur Collar  5. Faux Fur Gloves  6. Beanie  7. Reversible Fur Vest 8. Light Down Vest  9. Quilted Down Vest

Right now it is approximately 30 degrees outside. Not too bad, but's 30 degrees. I am cozy on my couch (sweater and fuzzy socks) and the last thing I want to do is go outside. BUT if I had to...above are a few essentials that can help combat the cold. Wool/down jackets, down vests, and furry accessories are stylish yet practical. Let's get real, looking like a marshmallow (down jacket effect) isn't exactly cute. Hey, it happens and I know sometimes it's just too cold to really care. 

The first row (1-3) I chose to stick with down and wool jackets. I like these picks because they still give you some shape without looking like a snowman. Rows (4-5) are a few furry accessory options...I really love those little paw mittens. Vests in rows (7-9) are excellent layering options. I especially love #7. It's reversible and on sale!

All of these picks are under $100..we are bundled on a budget over here! Oh, and I found my new apartment this week. I sign for it on Wednesday! So excited I finally found it and everything is approved. Time to get packing :) 

Hope you all had a nice weekend.


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dreary Days + A Pop of Red

Camel Beanie (similar) // Kendra Scott Earrings (similar) // Charming Charlie Necklaces (similar delicate layered look) // Zara Sweater (Navy only in stock) // Old Navy Basic Tee // The Limited pants // Tory Burch Mini Tote ( only available in Green online, check stores for other colors) // Madewell Flats ( found mine at a sample sale, similar here  //

OK YALL. Before I get into the details of my post. Let me say it is absolutely freezing. I have never experienced weather like this in MY LIFE. I thought I did when I moved to NY last Feb, but let me say...this Texas gal is getting a REAL taste of what winter is really like. Negative temps are something I am not accustomed to.  I'm learning the ways of layers, ear muffs, and gloves. They seriously get me through my morning walks to work.

Now onto this post. When I was in a much warmer state. Literally.

I think a pop of red is just what this gloomy island day needed. While I was in TX we took a trip to the house and unfortunately the weather was not the best for pier perching. We did visit one of my favorite hometown restaurant during our visit..Scuttlebutts Bar and Grill. They have a HUGE menu and great food and has a fun coastal island vibe. Go for the Ahi Tuna, and PoBoy Sandwiches Mmm. I needed my gulf-coast shrimp fill before heading back to NYC.

This mini Tory Burch bag is such a fun style. It's tiny, bright, and surprisingly has a ton of space. I like the cross body function and soft pebbled leather look. Online I noticed it is only available in green...but check TB stores for all these bright colors HERE. The pink would be so cute for Spring. 

I kept the rest of my outfit cozy and was actually chilly down south! I packed a lot of layering pieces juuust in case..This Zara cable knit has been a great travel cardi.  On my way back from TX I ended up stranded in Dallas (SO many DELAYS) and missed my connecting flight. So I basically lived in this outfit for a few days. Luckily my best friend adopted me for the night, dinner and drinks are always necessary. I'll have to make another Dallas trip this night was just not enough time ;)

Kendra Scott Earrings (bought them last fall, but these are similar HERE) The similar look is a little pricy, BUT check out out all Statement Earrings HERE

Nars Lipstick Afgan Red // Younique Lucrative Lip Gloss in Lavish

Stay warm friends!

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