Thursday, February 27, 2014

Flashing Lights - NYC

Hello all! Sorry I've been a bit MIA these few days but let me tell you...It's been crazy. After a few stressful/tense days I'm happy to say I am FINALLY a tenant of an apt on Madison Ave. My roommate and I are beyond excited for a great memories to come. We got so lucky with this one. Yesterday we spent about 6 hours in the Jersey Ikea and we got an amazing deal on all our apt furniture..that's IKEA for ya though. It was my first time in one of the stores -literally a one stop shop. Loved it..I'll post pics once everything is delivered and settled.

Bag - Rebecca Minkoff // Jacket - Liz Claiborne // Boots - Vince Camuto // Jeans - AG Jeans
Soo since I can't move until Saturday, my family and I have had a nice time enjoying the Upper West Side. The Upper West is a quiet, clean, very pretty area. It's right along the park and I love the neighborhood feel.
Upper West Side - Lovely Red Door
 For my Dad's birthday we enjoyed drinks and the Rock of Ages show. We ended up in the second row and it was basically like a concert. All of the performers were amazing..true talent. I always end up leaving the shows wishing I could sing and dance. But I can't. ha Oh well I'll settle for NYC Broadway any day. If you haven't seen this, go and rock onnn. Pretty sure dad had a good time. He needed a fun night after dealing with my stuff all week.

Pork n Waffles at the Sugar and Plumms Restaurant - Delish
 Of course we made a trip to the mother of all department stores - Macy's. I may have picked out a little something for myself. It's been a long week and my Rebecca Minkoff bag may have fallen into a slice of greasy pizza. I think it can be cleaned..but I don't want to talk about it haha the casualties of NYC. Anyway this Coach Madison Cafe bag is such a great bag, and WILL NOT stain (like my nude RM bag). It was 25% off and I don't have a nice big black bag like this. Definitely a practical and stylish buy.
Madison Cafe Carryall - The name is quite fitting right?  
Wish me luck Saturday! Hoping everything continues to fall into place. I've met some very welcoming helpful people this week and I can't wait to finally get settled in.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Birthday Furz

First off...Hi friends, I am trying to win this Instagram contest and whoever has the MOST LIKES on this pic (CLICK HERE)  wins! 

Please help me out, Bring The Bling Jewelry has gorgeous pieces and I would love to win something. Now onto my Outfit of the Day...

Shirt - Express // Faux Fur Vest - Calvin Klein (Similar) // Belt - Target // Leggings - Forever 21 // Boots - Steve Madden //
 Purse - Rebecca Minkoff 
Trying to get everything together before I leave. Currently obsessed with this faux fur vest my mom got me for my birthday. It's a tad big, but I decided to belt it and I love the way it turned out. The oversized fit is really cozy and I think it'll keep me warm with my down jacket during my apartment hunt.

Watch - Judith Ripka // Ring - David Yurman

Funny story about this was actually a horrible impulse purchase after a few too many mimosas. cool. But I really like the neutral color and one can never go wrong with Rebecca Minkoff.
Top Necklace - Swarovski // Bottom Necklace - Charming Charlie 
Earrings - Target

The different browns give the vest plush thick appearance. Mmm Warm :)

EEEK 1 more day.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lovely Lusts

Lovely Lusts
J Crew top

LISKA fox fur coat -

Nars cosmetic

NARS Cosmetics beauty product

Cupcake home decor

Charming Charlie Eyewear

I had a great time this week catching up with my friends. It was definitely a jam packed week..I celebrated my birthday, Valentine's Day, lunch dates, a Bridal Shower for my boyfriend's sister, and last moments in my college town...for awhile. Yes, I got a little bit emotional but I know everything is going to be just fine. Relaxing and seeing everyone was just what I needed. Onto this week - This week is crunch time and I am so excited to find my new apt Saturday! Tomorrow my mom and I will begin the finishing touches packing wahhh.

I guess I'll just have to wait until the move to pick up some of these lovely lusts. ;)



Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ulta Haul

Karina Hair Pins - Ulta // Conair Perfect Pony - Ulta // Hello Flawless Powder - Benefit (Ulta) // They're Real Mascara - Benefit // Hello Flawless Foundation - Benefit // Lip Balm - EOS // Stay Flawless Primer - Benefit 

Hi everyone! So yesterday I was in need of a brow wax at Ulta and somehow came back with all of this..oops. I really did need a new powder and foundation so I wanted to try out the above Benefit products. All of these items came from Ulta, but I went ahead and linked the Benefit things to the site. I wasn't expecting to come back with any hair accessories, but I wanted to try this Perfect Pony out. It's suppose to give you ponytail a thicker more dramatic look. I LOVE big hair so we will see how this works. I've also been trying to master the old hollywood hair look (similar to below) and I was thinking I could use one of the Karina pins to pin my hair back, besides using a bobby pin. Now who doesn't love those little EOS eggs? They are my favorite! I had the fruit punch before but this sweet mint flavor literally tastes like the sweet mint therefore I like it. The mascara and primer were free sample gifts with my purchase. I don't really use a facial primer but I'm willing to give this one a try. I'm sure it will be handy in the hot one wants a makeup melt. Also, Benefit does have a really great mascara...the They're Real mascara gives you a false long lash look. I think it's a little pricy, but I always love getting the samples. 

Hair Envy...

Both foundation and powder seem to have great coverage and set nicely. As far as colors, the foundation is in Ivory and the powder is in Honey. My skin is still light from my lack of sun (saddd) so I went lighter this time. When I have a bit more color I'll add some bronzer to my makeup mix.  Before I was using the Amazonian Clay Foundation by Tarte. I loved it but I just wanted to give Benefit a try. So far my skin is smooth and light...not cakey or anything like that. I guess that's why these are some of Benefit's best sellers.



Monday, February 10, 2014

Sequin Skirt - Birthday Suit

I had a wonderful birthday weekend! A HUGE thank you to my family, boyfriend, and friends for making this another great day. My birthday was the 8th and a group of us went out to celebrate for my 23rd. We started out with dinner at one of my favorite restaurants and then we met up with everyone for some bday drinks woo woo…party time! The next day I spent the rest of the weekend with my boyfriend and his family in Austin. We had a great time hanging out and relaxing. Once we were back, my sister and a few of the girls all met me for dinner anddd I'll have to share a few of the gifts I received eeeek.

I noticed that for the past three years my birthday outfit has consisted of a glitter sequin skirt. So I decided to go ahead and make that a birthday tradition of mine. This one was a Christmas gift from Francesca's and I love the open skirt look. The other skirts in my closet are either mini or pencil and I like the soft flow this one has. I'm such a sucker for pieces that sparkle and this rose gold is beautiful. I know sequins are usually for more of a fall/holiday type outfit...but I like to try to make them fit for all seasons. Since I wasn't sure how cold it was going to be/know what this crazy weather was going to do, I decided to layer my tops. I'm so glad I found this grey button up the other day, it goes with everything!

I'm having a such great week so far catching up in my college town before I have to leave. There are lots of coffee/lunch/dinner dates planned and it makes me so happy seeing everyone again.


Top - Express (this style) // Cardigan - Express (similar styles diff colors) // Skirt - Francesca's // Belt - Forever 21 //
Boots - Tory Burch 
Bag - Coach (similar cross body bag)

Lipstick - Tarte in Thoughtful // Necklace - Honora


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Keepin It Comfy

Cable Sweater - Forever21 (similar in peach here) // Chambray Shirt - Forever21 (Similar Old Navy) // Leggings - Max Studio // Boots - Vince Camuto (similar) // Bag - Tory Burch // Necklace - Target
Chilly days in Texas today burrr and most of my clothes are packed and space bagged (which if your ever moving USE THOSE). Seriously, I fit my entire bed set in one it was awesome...Anyway, I tried to keep some of my basics out to wear for the next 2 weeks. I'll be visiting some friends out of town for the week and celebrating my birthday in Austin. It'll be nice to see everyone and spend some time with my college friends before I go- bittersweet.

Since the weather is literally unpredictable in TX, I wanted to keep cute things I can layer up out and about. I absolutely love this cable knit sweater. It's so chunky, I can throw it over anything...maybe I stole it from my sister oops ;). Chambray tops also create endless possibilities..I've worn this one so many times. I want to get another but in a darker wash. Accessorizing this look with a scarf, statement necklace, hat, or even a pair of heels can dress it up. It's colddd so my boots were my best choice.

Watch - Charming Charlie

Boyfriend watches are definitely a hot item (esp at TAMU). This one was a nice budget friendly option. I've never been a huge watch person, but this one was too pretty to pass up.  It was a little big but my boyfriend was nice and helped me take a few links. Maybe that's why it's called a Boyfriend watch? haha

Also a big thank you to everyone who's been keeping up with my blog. As I mentioned before, I just started up with this again so I'm fairly new to the fashion blogging world. I really appreciate the positive feedback and encouragement I've received so far. Y'all are great!

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