Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thanks & Gig-Em

Thanks & Gig-em

I have always been the loudest and proudest fightin' Texas Aggie at my school WHOOP. As a recent graduate, FINALLY Texas A&M University is getting the recognition it deserves! I wonder why? Perhaps it could be the awesome football season we are about to have...I hope. Ranked at #5 the Aggies without a doubt will be giving fans something exciting to watch this season. I CANNOT WAIT! 

This is what brings me to burgundy for fall. The fashion industry may call this color wine, burgundy or oxblood...to me it will always be maroon. I have already seen this color scouring the racks in preparation for the fall. I have bought a few things including these Steve Madden booties. I can't wait for some cooler weather to come. 

Isn't this image ironic? UT being the long running rival of Texas A&M just so happens to be burnt orange. I found this a few days ago looking for burgundy trends. Not too much of a fan of the pants on the right...that Burberry jacket is definitely a showstopper. Always a classic color :)

Dress: Chill (sohogirl.com)
I found this beautiful maroon dress in Soho at a store called Chill. There were lots of trendy styles and finds. Maxi dresses, high-low skirts, crop tops, cut offs, shorties, and accessories filled Chill. I will definitely be making my way back to this store in the spring.

The dress from the above image. 

Empire State of Mind ;)

Top: California Select Originals (caliselect.com)
Shorts: AE Hi-Rise Festival Shortie
Necklace: Saks 5th Off

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!



Monday, August 12, 2013

Only got $20 in my pockettttt

Rise and shine...I am back in Texas and it sure does feel good to be back home again (YALL). I absolutely LOVED living in New York this past summer and I cannot wait to be back in the spring! Until then I will be working for my favorite jeweler and I am excited to be back this fall. It has been difficult being away from loved ones this summer, but I cannot thank everyone enough for the support and encouragement. My life right now is endless unpacking only to re-pack by the end of the week...work begins Tuesday and I need to have everything in order.

My FAVORITE thing to do this summer was (no surprise) thrift shopping. Now I am not talking just ANY thrift shopping...but designer thrifting. I found some pretty great finds and I wanted to share a few of the designers I discovered peeking through the racks. in East Village 

Tory Burch

I spent under $200 on all of these names...AND they haven't event been used. Maybe once or twice. So it is safe to say that I LOVE NYC. It was a successful day of shopping. I also even managed to get a $8 manicure. SunTan Nail on 2nd Ave definitely hooked me up!

Essie: Starter Wife

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