Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer Faces

Sweater: Chill Soho (

Summer time in the city calls for light makeup and easy going looks. Today I wanted to do something with my face but nothing too crazy. It's hot outside which means I am most likely going to sweat and I don't feel like dealing with the lovely after melted makeup effect.

Tarte BB Cream: Medium
Elf Cream Blush: heartbreaker
Elf Personal Blend Foundation: Medium
Elf Lifting Concealer: Light
Elf Radiance Enhancer: Sunrise

I went to the Elf Cosmetics Studio in East Village last weekend and FOUND SO MANY great things! I literally spend like $40 on about 20 different products. It was awesome. Everything ranges from $3-$5 and surprisingly it is actually good quality. I ran out of powder and normally I use Bare Minerals but the personal blend foundation by Elf works really well. I went ahead and grabbed the medium... there are small compartments that hold medium shades inside it so you can mix and match your own color. The cream blush blends really nicely and the radiance enhancer adds a nice sparkle to cheeks, eyes, and lips. I was looking for a BB Cream since that seems to be the latest thing and I found Tarte to be my favorite. It is very light and silky...i like. 


Elf Lipstick: Runway Pink
Nars Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil: Frivolous  


Smashbox Mascara: Full Exposure Black
Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liners: Gold and Champagne

For the eyes I actually shaded my lid lightly with the gold liner and added some of the champagne color to highlight the top. Then I smudged it and blended it all in to add some shimmer. This look overall is a light pink bronzed color...perfect for the summer time!



Friday, July 26, 2013



AND WOW has a lot happened around here...

I have been so incredibly busy and computer-less ( Until a few weeks ago) that this poor little blog has been neglected. This has been quite the summer in NYC and I am glad to say that is has been one of my happiest and scariest moments of life. I have learned so much about myself and what I hope to do with my post-grad life. I am glad to say that I absolutely love it here in the city...because in the beginning I was not so sure.

Top: Roomie's American Apparel
Skirt: Target
Belt: Express
Bag: Coach

 So far my internship is going great. I absolutely love the people I get to work with and I couldn't have asked for a better place to start. Everyone is so incredibly knowledgeable and plugged into the retail/fashion industry. I sit with the designers and we talk about everything from life to fashion to whatever and it's nice to have that in a work environment. The resources that I have here and friends that I have made are what have made this a most enjoyable experience. I have never in my entire LIFE learned as much as I have in just a few short months. My director has really put a lot into making sure I have a full understanding of the business. I have had the opportunity to work in design, planning and production, and then I'll be going into logistics. It's nice to touch on all areas of the industry. YAY for Menswear.

I am so thankful to be here and to have a chance to pursue what it is that I love.  At this point I do have a small level of uncertainty of what exactly is going to happen. However, I think that gives me the motivation to plan and work hard to make something great work out. I feel like that this point there is no reason to doubt that things will not. I do take comfort in knowing that things happen not when you always want them to, but when they are supposed to. Everyone has a plan :)

I have met some pretty great people here... Keiara the design intern, YMA FSF girls, mentors, CEOs, the people I work with, and the list goes on and on. Everyone has truly inspired me to be the best I can possibly be...because after all anything can happen. I never would have pictured myself doing the things I have had the chance to do and I am so incredibly thankful to have this experience.

Back row 5 from the left...Ms. Vitale was wonderful!

2013 YMA Scholars with Sheri Rosenfeld

In the fall I will be returning to Texas. I will be working in Marketing and Events for one of my favorite jewelers (YAY luxury products) and I am so excited to learn and continue this post grad journey. I think this is a great opportunity to have different perspective of the retail environment and I hope to return to New York for the spring (fingers crossed). I can't wait to see everyone again back home and to live in the same town as my little sister again!

At this point I have to say, I am so happy with life. I have been blessed beyond measure. My parents have been so supportive in all that I have chosen to pursue and I cannot wait to see them. My boyfriend and friends are literally the greatest people in the world and have made me feel like I never even left Texas.

I am looking forward to the new adventure that is to come.  And I am going to get with it and actually post on here again haha SOO get ready :)

It is time to revamp the page again. New everything. That is all.



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