Monday, November 11, 2019

Engagement Photo Tips/To Dos - Dumbo Brooklyn

HAPPY FALL YALL! HOW are we in NOVEMBER already - and nearing mid-month?! Ready for this season and I thought it would be the perfect time to share some festive photos Chayson and I did during our engagement shoot in NY. Thanks again Griff - once again you are a master at the snaps! We wanted fun memories and sharing with a friend is always the way to go!
Overall we have been busy busy this season - new jobs, travel, weddings, wedding planning...and ALL GREAT things. Going through all my saved snaps and I was thinking I need to get back to the blog life. Sharing a few engagement pic tips we learned along the way.

Engagement Pic Tips/To Dos

  1. Plan Ahead of time  - Give yourself enough time to figure out what you want your shoot to look like - A special place? Love a certain look/theme? See something that inspired you? I would say about a month out is when we cracked down on the specifics. I knew for sure we wanted snaps in New York.
  2. Book the Photographer - research the area you choose for any well known photographers or friends with skills in the area. If you are in NYC I cannot recommend Griffin Ungar enough! She always does an amazing job. Scrolling instagram hashtags and locations is helpful so you can get an idea on their work/aesthetic.
  3. Plan Your Style - Pick a few seasonal and non seasonal looks. I wanted fall but also season-less romantic dressy photos (Central Park Photos) (Brooklyn Bridge Photos) Also one thing Griffin did that I liked was black and white pics. This helps with seasonality and definitely framing for the home once that is in order.
  4. Have 1-2 Sessions - If there are several looks this helped break things up without the rush. The morning light worked best for us and we only had so much time before the sun was fully up. We did Friday and Saturday morning around 7am to beat the crowds. 
  5. Pack a Bag - Friday/Saturday each had 2-3 looks. I was able to roll my outfits in a bag and add any touch up products (Lipsticks, hair pins, brush). It was pretty windy on the bridge so eye drops helped me out (contact life).
  6. Be the Early Bird - YES I cannot stress this enough especially in crowded cities. The only people in the parks/bridge were others doing exactly what we were doing. So it was not bad at all! But best to beat the crowd over all to not feel rushed.
  7. Beauty Prep - If you are not comfortable doing your hair and makeup I would look into this when you book the photographer. I did my own hair/makeup but if you need a blowout, friend, or makeup artist go girl! The day before I used crest whitening strips and did a second day no hair wash to help with curls.
  8. Save Inspiration- l researched shots on Pinterest (used these here, here, and here) These photos are such great keepsakes and it helps to know exactly what to do when you are there. 
  9. Pose vs. Candids - This is super helpful. You might think you know what you are doing until you're in the middle of it. It's good to save some shot ideas + play around and get fun candids. Lol ACT NATURAL canoodling around in the park ;)  I saved a few poses for shot ideas. These here, here, and here sparked ideas) and Griffin helped direct so having a photographer who has shot couples before is also a must.

NOW What to do with your new snaps?
Hope this was helpful to any newly engaged couples. 


Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Save the Date 2/22/2020

Shop The Post - Wedding Prep Favs/Party Dresses

AND JUST LIKE THAT - Chayson and I have been officially Engaged for 1 year! Wowyyy time sure does fly. Seriously you guys so so much happens in a year and I have to say I am so thankful to have this guy by my side. Between this year’s highs, lows, and in betweens...I don’t know what I’d do without him. Thankful to have someone who completely gets me and to have my person. It’s seriously so crazy that we have been together for 6 WHOLE YEARS (thanks hunnnn for puttin up with me ;P). 

I love this space to document all the life things and this one is a biggieeee - I wanted to post an update on where I am with the whole planning process/how everything is going so far.
In terms of wedding prep, I have to say it’s really started to pick up over the last couple of months. I know everyone has different timelines and all I have to say is thank goodness I’ve had a while. A year and a half and so far I haven’t had any major stressors...yet. I know it’s bound to happen but each month I’ve been working to check chunks off the list. Overall I have to say that taking our time was one of the best decisions we made during the planning process. It’s really allowed me to enjoy all things wedding, chip away at the list (since life can get crazy), and research/get my life together with my mom and  planner. Ongoing things Chayson and I have been working on are meeting with the church with our marriage prep courses (really love this part) and keeping up with my workouts and beauty prep #OperationWeddingReady (details in another upcoming post).

Where am I in the Process? 

July: I said YAS
August: Enlisted the Bride Tribe - Haiiii Frensss
September: Found the Bridesmaid dresses - DEALS and werkkkPerks...I found the most gorgeous beaded dresses
October: Secured the Church/venue ( we started looking around in Sept) 
November: Engagement Photos - We took these last Fall in NYC. Ooohhh AND I absolutely LOVE how they all turned out. Griffin once again did the most amazing job and I am so thankful we were able to capture these shots back in November (See more pics here - Prev Post)

Took a chill break and brainstormed more...Pinterest y'all

March/April Dress Shopping - FOUND IT (Chayson thinks it's pink ;P) LOVE IT! It did take me awhile on this..
April: Found my wedding planner - If you are able to, I seriously recommend having a planner especially when everything else can get crazy. She has been great coordinating and updating us on all things wedding. It's nice to have a point person who just knows all the things when I'm like ???
May: Guest list/gathering addresses - ayeeee
June/July: Save the dates finalized and sent/Website & Registry in the works
July:Beauty/Hair/ Florals reserved
Ok guys...Last weekend we did the MOST amazing cake tasting lol like we ATE SO MUCH. It was definitely our favorite part. The day before we did another tour at our venue to get an idea on decor/florals. It was nice to get another walk through and plot out the timeline of things...eeeek we are both SO SO excited for our upcoming big day. I’m of course looking forward to it but I do love all the fun Pinterest plan times. I made so many boards I just have them all set private so I can get real nuts haha.

NOW TIME FOR CAKE! All I have to say is Cakes by Gina treated us REAL well!

WHOLE30 Review   Casual Errands Outfit


Wednesday, February 6, 2019

WHOLE30 Review + Casual Errands Outfit

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Ah and that is a wrap, January Whole30 is complete and I feel like all the holiday craze has been officially swiped away. As soon as that Day 30 drop hit just felt SO accomplished. And just like previous years...I GET SO into it. I  love the feeling of being able to set a goal and then check it off the list. One that I have stuck to the past 3 years is starting the new year with a clean eats reset.

For those unfamiliar, Whole30 is an elimination method (sugar, gluten, legumes, alcohol, dairy, anything processed = gone) this helps people to discover food sensitivities be reintroducing eliminated foods after or in my case start the new year with positive #nonscalevictory feels and good vibes..For the most part, my weekdays consist of healthy eating but after indulging in all the holiday fun..A month of R&R- I was READY.  I’ve done a few rounds of Whole30 and this time I wanted to give you guys my 2019 Whole30 Review.
The more I’ve worked through different rounds of W30 (this one being #5) I always seem to notice something new. This round I felt especially positive and upbeat - I know we all go through highs and lows, but this past month I’ve felt really good and it’s been nice knowing that its a time to take it easy and recharge.

This Whole30 I often referred to the new Slowcooker Cookbook. If there is anything I LOVE it is a good crockpot recipe. The Mongolian zoodle bowls, Pineapple Chicken, and Sweet Potato chilli were some go to favorites from the book. The Whole30Recipes Instagram page has amazing recipes! I think it’s cool they feature different W30 peeps to share new creative foodies. I saved these below and they were also easy weekly go tos for me.
  1. Swiss ChardWraps
  2. Pineapple Chicken
  3. Brunch Salad
Sundays I would grocery shop and prep 2 main meals and something smaller for breakfast. Then depending on what was leftover I would either add a spinach or zoodle base or top with an egg and sweet potatoes for a bowl. Most of my dinners were left over lunch proteins with whatever veggies I had to make a bowl or swiss chard wrap.

And this is what keeps me coming back every time! The NonScale Victories! ALL the benefits and star feels.
  • W30 isn't necessarily for weight loss but eliminating (sugar, gluten,and booze - it happens). So far every round I have lost a good 5-6 lbs. Choosing to eat more to fuel my workouts/ life is great when it's all nutrient dense protein/good for you fat meals. Gimme all the salmon+Avos.
  • Sugar Dragon is tamed - I know this about myself..when it comes to sweets, I go hard. Cravings are gone and I feel satisfied and full. IF I did have a sugar slump, an apple, date, or berries were an instant blood sugar pick me up. At the moment I am trying to really only yolo it on special occasions, I don't want to hop on the sugar I feel SO much better.
  • Sleep is SO wonderful - I’ve begun to fall asleep much quicker and stay asleep throughout the night. I’ll wake up once and then I’m good to go vs. tossing and turning/ mind racing
  • Inflammation Free- The post NYE bloat was real y’all. Champagne and sugar. It got me! But I’m feeling much more balanced and I definitely feel leaner. My clothes fit super comfortably and a few once snug dresses have room to breathe.
  • Positive Feels and relaxed feeling - sounds weird but with all the prep it’s really nice just know that this is what you have to eat. That’s it. It’s very black and white and although I realize that life can’t be navigated in that way...during crazy times it’s nice to have something taken care of already and prepped.
  • My workouts are energy filled -I feel that the quality in my workouts has been improved and I wake up ready to go in the am (thank you sleep).
  • TMI but PMS - My symptoms felt better this month and I felt pretty good overall not horrible I'm dying feelings.
  • Traveling - YES the January Travel was a struggle. I was happy to get by with Elements Meals Literally THANK YOU SO MUCH for making these. They made lunch time while running through market an actual possibility while on Whole30 and boiled egg free! That is usually breakfast when travelling but happy I didn’t have to double up on eggs for lunch too! I bought the Whole30 Pack here - a little pricey but totally worth it if you are travelling! Life saver.
  • Socials and Birthdays - SORRY to all my January babes out there (my mom is lucky since she is on the 31st) lol but I have been partying on that sparkling water this month and yes I STILL had a great time. Although it was tempting at times in the social scene, I’m happy Chayon did his dry Jan and we were able to go out together and have each other. We navigated through worlds of cakes, poundcake pops, wine nights, and danced at the clubbb. We survived and still saw our friends lol.
Hope everyone is off to a great week! I am back from Vegas and I had a great time at the Magic Trade Show - Excited for all the upcoming Spring fashions! Quick turnaround and then it's off to NYC Sunday...ready to see all my friends, NYFW, and back to Market week!



Thursday, January 31, 2019


Hi friends! Ok so I am actually really excited today to share with you probably one of my most worn looks since “Adulting” happened to me. I know it’s always so much fun to dress up but sometimes we need to multitask and dress for multiple occasions.  For me step #1 in the morning is taking a class or working out - something to get moving. I mentioned that the last 8 weeks I have been doing Kayla Itsines BBG workouts hence the #BBG to Brunch. After a good workout there is always one thing on my lol. So weather it is brunch with a friend or grabbing groceries to make brunch at home with Chayson  I want to look somewhat put together after getting my morning sweat on. I know a lot of you are in the same situation when it comes to a time crunch and fitting in all the to dos before moving on to the next thing. This look is perfect because it is casual, but still a little more put together vs. a sweatshirt and leggings. Oh don’t worry my Dad’s old Hanes hoodie I adopted is still one of my favorite morning workout styles haha don’t tell him.
When I lived in  NY this seriously was my EVERY weekend outfit. I would wear leggings from my class (mesh styles) a clean tee (love Madewell), maybe a cap or beanie, and a topper jacket/cardi. Everything would go in my backpack along with a little wand of concealer, mascara, and a bright lipstick. I could only pack so much in my bag so I took the basics and be gone all day. Living in TX I can definitely pack more in my car lol but I still like to just keep it simple and pack an outfit like this if I know i’m heading somewhere casual afterwards. I found this amazing textured topper jacket from Gordmans - I LOVE this color and it feels so soft. I got an amazing deal on it and I love the elevated look it brings to my Madewell tee and Forever21 leggings. I like these leggings for a light low impact workout but when it comes to performance wear I really like to stick with Nike, VS Sport, and Adidas. Mesh details are my favorite on activewear and I feel like it makes wearing them out afterwards a little more interesting.
  1. Topper Jacket/Cardigan (Choose one with added interest - mixed stitching, color pops, fur)
  2. Basic Tee - Love my Madewell tees (also got it at Gordmans) 
  3. Mesh Leggings - Definitely more fun vs. the regulars 
  4. Investment Handbag - optional but I think it’s a nice added completer piece. The RealReal has some great resale options.
What are your go to errand outfits? I’m getting ready for summer, because easy sundresses are THE BEST go tos after a morning workout. Single piece outfits, sign me up. Coming soon to G&G.



Saturday, January 26, 2019

Keep it in Neutral - Style the Sweater you Own


OK - so this is no news to you but guess what. I’m pretty sure 99% of you guys have a sweater that looks like the one I am wearing in your closet. You all know what I am talking about. That simple neutral cream colored cable stitch sweater friend. It’s always there for you when you need it and sometimes the simplest of styles can be created with more than the sweater leggings combo. Time to style the sweater you own and add a little transitional update with leather joggers/ trousers

It’s that time for the seasonal wardrobe change into Spring and as much as I am ready for sundresses and sandals we still have a few more months to sift through sweater and boot season. Keep it light in color and add a few texture elements like unique stitching, faux leather, and lots of layers. Loving the whole leather pant look - I feel it adds a sleek update to any look. These high waisted pants were a resale find and believe it or not are REAL leather! Amazing deal for $30. Once again thank you Crossroads Trading..and my Louboutin booties. Yep another treasure find. Still an investment, but over half off I’ll say that. Lately I’ve been super into the whole trouser high waisted style pulled together with a little front tuck. One of my OG fav bloggers Emily Gemma inspired my front tuck fav looks.

NYC friends I hope you all are staying warm - keep it cozy with that puffer jacket life ( I get it) hang in there! Try to layer under with unique interesting styles or a sweater with some fun stitching/fringe or tassels. I’ll be back in Feb for my seasonal dose of winter fun. Excited to be back and to see everyone! Bday month woowooo.

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