Monday, March 26, 2018

March Favorites - Get the Glow

Hi everyone! Springing forward and integrating more wellness/lifestyle posts on ze blog. Looking for a fresh update and what's more fresh than March Beauty favs?! Filtered through my product accumulation and working to get my GLOW + keeping the makeups simple...thanks to that sticky Texas heat!

  • Simplicity is key and that is where my love for palettes comes in. My on the go mornings from the gym to work and traveling once a month I've made sure to pack my NYX Love Contours All Palette. There is just enough glow, contour/highlight, and neutral eye shadow for an everyday easy look. With the contour bronze shades I honestly just swipe a fluffy brush in it and lightly dust my face -easy. And yes love will contour ALL! Right Chayson? lol ;P
  • Pretty in pink and I am loving these lippies! Honey Pink matte nudes have been in my bag these days and the peach honey tone is so pretty paired with this Rimmel liner. Both are great affordable drugstore options and bring on the summer feels.
  • When I need of a quick no make up fix - Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue is such a saver. OK I have been super obsessed with this tinted gel. I've made my second purchase on it and I love that it is SO light, hydrating and sometimes it's all you need to wear. The coverage is buildable adding a few drops of foundation and it's a great post gym/weekend errand face base.
  • Longer days means Loreal Lumi Glowtion! This is a newbie for me and I've loved adding this to my tinted moisture gel.  This adds a natural glow minus any orange look. Plus Glowtion is such a fun name lol In need of a little color and this stuff is a great way to highlight a sun kissed look.
  • Probably the only chocolate I will not eat would be the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. Back to palettes and this one has the prettiest natural colors and has an amazing cocoa scent. It's made with 100% cocoa power and the shimmer + pigment is on pointttt.
  • Loving all the lush lashes these days but not so much the upkeep and $$$ for falsies. I started using Lash Food LashTransformation few weeks ago and I'm hoping to see some natural growth. I purchased the travel kit to sample but the full set is linked here if you'd like to give it a try.
  • Beauty from the inside out is the absolute best kind of pretty. I've been taking collagen powder with my coffee since December and love the added protein and boost. This new Vital Proteins Dark Chocolate Berry Collagen came out and it's so good! It's clean Whole30 approved and  I've been reading a lot/researching and what we consume is 100% related to our complexion. Collagen is a major building block for hair, skin, nails, skin elasticity, and that youthhhh. #ForeverYoung.

Let me know if you all enjoy posts like this! I have a lot of beauty favorites, recipes, and wellness tips/things I have learned the past few years. Hope you all are having a great week and also feel free to send me any suggestions of product and things you like to use in your Spring/Summer beauty.


Sunday, March 18, 2018

Snaps in the City

Hiii Ok sooo I feel like this post is a little all over the place - Basically I want to talk about my new obsession Bershka#MillenialPINK, my most worn list, and my NYC recent favs hitlist.
Also thank you #ChaysonHoltPhotography - this post is possible by you LOL xoxoxo
#Trending Millennial Pink anyone? Yes it's a thing and I LOVE it. The color that never seems to fade and a fan favorite of my people - also a flattering color for many people of ALL ages. I was reading up on it and this bubblegum hue represents a fondness for the good ol childhood days, female empowerment/gender =, and soothing feels for the less than stellar world moments these days. We could all use a little pop of positivity today -I've always been a girly girl (surprise) and I was so excited when I found this pink furry jacket. I've had so many compliments on it and feel like YAS in it. It was the perfect Bday outfit completer and touch of glam to a neutral sweater/top.
As the season moves further into Spring I was like ahh I need to get this post out!  I was able to score my furry friend above at the NYC Bershka Pop up in Soho. I loved shopping Bershka aka Zara's little sister...the style is similar (a little younger, still very trendy) and the price point fits more of an H&M/F21.
When traveling for 10 days it's like what on earth do I bring? Everything. Ok jk...I of course packed a grouping of neutral colors/styles and ended up purchasing my pink color pop jacket. Below hit my recent most worn list and I'm sure you'll see a few of the same items pop up in my recent posts. Listed below :)
Recent City Favs :) Let me know if you all make a trip!


Sunday, March 11, 2018

Street Style + Jan W30 Update

I'm back I'm back! Hi everyone - hope you all had a great Jan and AH also Feb! A little MIA lately with work travel but we are back. I completed January Whole30 Yay and had a nice relaxing month. In Feb we hit the ground running with a family wedding, NYC market, LasVegas market, and birthday week (city snaps and post coming soon). As much fun as travel can be- I'm happy to be back on my Houston routine and spend some time with fam and friends back home. Hoping to hop back on the blog and share more of my latest finds, stylefile/beauty favs, and lifestyle recipe posts.
Who is feeling all the casual vibes these days? This whole Spring transition timing can be tricky to work with. All the stores are moving out of Fall/Winter and something new and fresh needs to happen...but sometimes the weather and shopping selection feels mehhh. Especially for my Northeastern girls - it's still SO cold in the city! Athletic streetwear looks are still trending and are a fresh way to Spring forward - especially after coming out of #newyearnewme January (which I need to hop back on the ChefV foodie train).Who would have thought that T-shirts and tennis shoes would be such an AHA fashion moment.  Hey, I'm into it and I have several logo tees that I've paired under a jean jacket+boots or duster jacket (above). T-shirt dresses are also a great way to keep style and comfort in mind without the "am I supposed to wear yoga/jogger pants" feeling. I found this Adidas T dress on sale a few months ago but there's still a few sizes left online here and here.  A great way to elevate a sporty look is adding classic colors - I'm such a fan of transitional grey, blush, pale blues, and cream colors.
Hope everyone has a great week - I had such a fun time back in the city last week and catching up with college friends at a wedding this weekend.
Back to my scheduled programming here in H-town.


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Tips to Elevate Your Style

New year NEW YOU and sometimes everything does not always necessarily have to be brand new. Work with what you've got! As much of a crazed shopper I am, this year one of my resolutions is to try to stick with a few of my classic favorites or mix and match what I own.  Ah I love shopping but I am going to practice more window shopping for inspo and then shopping in my closet. With a few little tweaks here and there a new look can easily be created with what you own. This outfit is definitely a favorite of mine for three reasons - All prev owned+subtle trend+the classics.
**Ok, I know I know leggings and a chunky sweater is always an easy go to this time of year #TheUniform...but sometimes it's nice to freshen up the basics. Below are a few ways I like to switch it up and elevate my style to keep it polished+chic.

1. Keep It Simple
Sometimes less is more - put away the prints and stick with the neutrals. Neutral tones all work with in the same color palette think : Black, Taupe, Camel, White, Grey, Dark Denim, and Blush. Owning more of these = more mix and match possibilities. Also when it comes to denim washes med to dark always tend to feel more polished - light tends to feel more casual.
2. Color Coding Accessories + Hardware
With accessories I like to focus on small details and dainty jewelry, especially classic yellow gold.
I have a tiny V necklace (similar) or a gold pendent similar here that I wear a lot. Choose a hardware color and stick to it (silver or gold). I try to match my belt hardware with either my handbag or accessories to tie looks together. Since we are sticking to neutrals matching at least two of these (bag, belt, shoes) also pulls everything together.

3. Add that 3rd Piece
Completer pieces as some call it - A topper jacket, duster vest, chunky scarf, or an oversized blazer are all great ways to jazz up and truly complete the look. This is probably my favorite way to differentiate outfits as well. I could have easily added any other topper jacket or vest to my look above for a different feel. Also choosing longer 3rd pieces + a heel creates a taller appearance with the long lines.

4. A Solid Investment Piece
Leather bag? Leather boots?  I know QUALITY is important here and sometimes investing in that one piece is totally worth it. I am actually borrowing my mom's bag in these style snaps (loveeee) but I do have a few splurges I've made on oversized leather bags and boots. Not everything needs to be designer status and break the bank, but a good quality leather bag will live long in your closet. This is a great mid price point leather bag HERE.

5. The Makeup
OK you guys know the drill. IF I do not wear any makeup at all bold lip and tinted moisturizer (omg this one is amazing) is always my go to. Classic rust, reds, and dark wines always make me feel that much more put together. Love these here and here.

Yes and we are off to a fabulous 2018! Let me know if you find any old closet find treasures or if you have any tips and ideas you use to freshen up/elevate your style. Hope this sparked a little inspo, below I linked a few ideas and key basic pieces to add if you find yourself in a fashion rut. 


Friday, January 5, 2018

G&G Whole30 Refresh

January - a time to refresh and refocus. I know it's so typical of the world to "lets eat better and workout" but if there's a time to develop a new habit or possibly discover something you love - now is the time. It was a 3 years ago resolution that started my WakeupCalls morning routine and I've stuck with it since...whether I workout, take some time to tidy up, or work on G&G I love the feeling of waking up and squeezing in some time to myself.
Last January I started 2017 with my second round of Whole30. It's funny that although my focus for G&G is fashion and style, one of my most clicked posts has actually been my Whole30 guide/experience (Post here). Thinking of integrating more recipe/wellness posts? What do you think?
OKAY so speaking of this year I decided to kick off 2018 with a third round of Whole30 and I am looking at this month as a beauty bootcamp in a way - Although makeup and clothes always are a wonderful mood booster there's nothing like feeling good from the inside out (insert shine emoji).  This round I am trying to focus on adding more Super Foods, wellness spices, and keeping up with all my workouts.
DATE NIGHT DINNER - Baked Salmon, Roasted Spinach, Cauliflower SweetPotato Mash
Is anyone else doing January Whole30? While most people are taking the month to relax and recharge NOW such a great time for this - January is usually pretty quiet and everyone is on the health train (goodbye fomo). So far I am on day 6 and dealing with the slump. As I prev mentioned this is not a weight loss program and through the 30 days you gain Whole30 NSVs (Non-Scale Victories -explained here) A few I am looking forward to are...
THAT GLOW- Part of creating that perfect beauty look is having a nice canvas to work with. Our favorite little sugar bug is my main skin bump culprit. Seriously I can tell just days after my sugar ant attacks- tbh my skin is still recovering from holiday treats and sweets.
BABY SLEEP - I'm not sure what it is exactly but every time I have done this I seriously sleep SO well. It is the best refresh and leads me to my next point.
ENERGIES - Perfect sleep = all the energy! I LOVE waking up ready to go especially when hitting my early workouts. Definitely looking forward to an energy reset. Really excited to try a few new workout classes while I am in NYC and LA this season.
BYE BYE BLOAT - Ok TMI but it happens - Through past W30 rounds I know the trigger foods and pick my battles. But excited to feel good and comfy in my clothes :)
PRODUCTIVITY - Hello Tiger blood. I remember last year feeling super focused and ON. That is honestly when I was like you know what I want to start my blog again. I tried to organize myself socially catching up with old friends, meeting new people, working towards my goals at work, and found myself actually sitting down and doing things I had put off. Cleaning, organizing, throwing away empties, and 4 months later actually thanked myself for the life clean up - because surprise I ended up making my move back to Texas and feeling SO thankful for the productive final spring fling in NYC.
NEW RECIPES - Really working in these super foods below. Also these "Beauty" Elixirs - Found these here, here, and here on Pinterest that look fun to try.
  • Salmon
  • Avocado
  • Beets/Root Veggies
  • Greens (need that Iron)
  • Nuts
  • Sweet potato, 
  • Sipping bone broth - Collagen skin glowww
  • Turmeric, cacao, maca, moringa, and collagen -LOVE this list here 
  • Below are a few of my recent staples/W30 Travel essentials - they definitely make dishes more flavorful and enjoyable. It's so important to actually look forward to what you are eating lol 30 days isn't exactly short.

Overall I will say that 2017 was such a big year for me - I restarted my blog, made my moved from NYC back to Texas, started a new job, met some new great peeps, and even travelled to a few new places (Hai LA + Vegas). In terms of health, I maintained routines - made a few updates to others (insert new job travel) and really tried to focus on self care. Whether it be taking a chill night, playing in my closet, falling asleep at 8pm, catching up with a friend, experimenting with a new recipe... I'm thankful for this year of learning, adulting, and trying to balance this thing we call life.

Resources I used during Whole30: 
Whole30 Website - Tons of helpful FREE information
Whole30 Cookbook - SO many great recipes
Downloads List - I kept this in my Ibooks on my phone. Having the additives and basic rules with me was always extremely helpful
Pinterest - SO many helpful articles and recipe ideas on here. I have a board HERE that I keep just to stay organized and get ideas. I suggest making one and referring when you need a whole30 version of something you are trying to make.
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