Saturday, December 1, 2018

The Proposal #ToHaveAndToHolt

Hi Friends – ok SO finally I am sharing one of the main LIFE buzzes at the moment! WE DID IT! Those of you who have been around for the last 6 years you saw it coming (teehee).  July 7th2018 my best friend and love of my life asked me to marry him!  Long story short for those new to G&G - We met second semester senior year of college, started dating and survived the whole New York move, learned some of this life thing post college, had many plenty adventures, ups/downs (mostly ups), FINALLY ended up in the same city, and have grown 1000% closer than ever. Finally the post I have been working to put together – I feel like it won’t do the day justice #bestdayever. But one of my favorite parts about my blog is going back and re-reading BIG days and this is a biggie.

#1 Question – HOW DID HE ASK?!

Basically I was tricked into all of these GREAT things happening for a weekend. My cousin (she just had twins) needed a spa day, my sister was in town for an “interview”, and a good friend of mine (she works in advertising) invited me a few weeks before to an “exclusive” wine tasting event. How great does that sound? I mean it was super legit, she EVEN sent over the email invite from her work (pic below). Sarah your design skills are amazing and seriously I want to have this printed and posted somewhere on the big day haha it is just too funny!
So yes, It was a wine and cheese tasting (YUM) Oooh and get this, special guest Jojo from the Bachelorette would be there. She just released her clothing line and is from Texas and you know #PressMoment. I was told that there would be a ton of photos and you know what that means…live your best self care life and get. It. Together. 

Teeth whitened, facemask done, fresh post vacay tan, outfit picked and THANK GOODNESS. I had NO clue any of the #Yes moment was going to happen. Chayson was out of town back home in Corpus, and I had this great weekend planned. Who knew it would get THAT much better. Also little did I know that the invite, nail spa day, sister in town…was well played. Baiting me with wine and cheese? Also well played ;) 
 My friend came over and we talked about how fun the event would be, I asked a few questions about our fun evening ahead and of course Sarah kept her cool. When we pulled up to the wine bar Chayson was standing in front in a suit, rose in hand, and the biggest smile. At first I was super confused and then I was like waittttt a minute. After he explained the “special guest” could not make it, he opened the doors and both of our families and friends were there and then it clicked -I WAS LIKE OMG. THIS IS IT. Haha

He got down on one knee – we both blacked out (I can’t tell you what he said but I know it was super sweet haha) pretty sure I said YES (like I said we blacked out LOL) then we all celebrated.  One of his close friends is a chef (Kelly from Chasingfoodatx) and she catered our favorite foods – yes I did get my cheese and wine and we all were able to party time and catch up with everyone. Thank you SO much the food was amazing I loved it! My closest high school friend Jen even made the drive in town and it was just so great to have all my loved ones involved in Step #1 of our happily ever after. Chayson was so thoughtful and decorated with roses, little lights, candles, our favorite memory pictures, and the space was beautiful. He planned one heck of a party and thank you THANK YOU to everyone who made the drive in and helped Chayson make our engagement/party so so special. 


I know we had previously talked about “the future” and what that would look like but I did not see this coming. I always new I wanted to just be completely surprised and have out fam and friends share our exciting moment. 
To be honest we had not talked about rings within the last couple of years or so – he of course knew my Pinterest board and that I wanted a simple classic style. David Gardners Jewelers had my ring size and everything from a few years back on a resize and I was COMPLETELY surprised -it’s a perfect fit.  My now sistaaa Caysi works for David Gardner’s and I love that she and Chayson were able to work on it together #family.  It is absolutely perfect and I could not be more excited for what our future has in store. 
A couple of days after the big day I flew out to NYC for work – it was all so exciting to share the news with my city girls and celebrate with everyone on the Eastcoast.


So far I am decently along in the planning process. The Pinterest Board is in full swing, I have MY GIRLSSS enlisted. They received their Bridesmaids Proposals (posting on that soon), we have a date/venue, and we just shot engagement photos last weekend in New York. I CANNOT wait for you all to see them (sneak peek above) My good friend Griffin did an amazing job and is so talented.  We are taking our time through the process and enjoying our engagement – we have still over a year and time to get everything going. Excited to keep you all in the loop and have a space here to share all the exciting upcomings. 

Thanks again to everyone who helped with the big day and have supported us and wished us well. Thank YOU Chayson for a beautiful evening and I could not have asked for a more perfect proposal, it's everything I wanted and even better than I could have imagined. You are the best, and YAY we are getting married! #WifedUP. So excited for the upcoming months ahead. Now it is Operation #getweddingready!


Sunday, November 25, 2018

Holiday Beauty Picks + The Favs

 Ok y'all - it is SO hard to show you my whole beauty/skincare stash. Trying my best not to get too crazed/overwhelming. I was looking through Sephora and honestly I cannot keep up with all of these sales and promos lol But I will say there are a ton of products on sale up 50% off and if you are a member of their Beauty Insiders program  there will be a ton of additional $$$ off, samples, and rewards. I know now that everyone is out and about/in the mood for a little purchasing #tistheseason and I wanted to share what I see great value in, currently Love, and what is on my beauty Hit list.

Value Sets
So when it comes to Value Sets I really like trying to buy either brands I have been wanting to try or something that is practical I know will be used. The best way to get a full picture idea of what a line is like is to sample a little bit of everything or a best sellers set. Ive discovered so many great brands through best seller sets - Peter Thomas Roth, Fresh, Drunk Elephant, too many more lol So whether it's a gift or a little something for yourself -face masks, glosses, dry shampoo, perfumes, and mascara are all great options. I know I travel a lot and most of my friends do too so these are nice gifts that will be used on the go or even as a gym bag stash.

Current LOVES
  • JoMalone - I made the splurge and brought the WoodSage and Sea salt perfume during the Sephora Insider 20% off sale. It smells amazing and honestly completely worth it. I want to shower in it lol I'm already making a dint in it..There is a Trio gift set available now with the cologne, hand cream, and body wash. 
  • Laneige - This is such a great reasonably priced line. I Absolutely love the lip mask and use it every single night. The water mask is great too and my skin feels super hydrated and plump in the am.
  • Grande Lash - My lashes have definitely grown since using, I've used this the last few months and there is such a noticeable difference. SO happy to finally have some baby lashes in the works. It is pricy but there are smaller tube sets available. Definitely give it a try. 
  • Laura Mercier Set Powder - This stuff has lasted me years...a little goes a long way and it is the best makeup set powder. Totally worth the price.
  • Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer - New new and currently loving! This primer is soo good and really gives you that true blurred pore look. I feel like if I use a little under my everyday makeup I don't really use as much concealer/CC cream. 
HIT List 
#1 on my list is ALL the Charlotte Tilbury. I recently bought her Matte Revolution Lipstick in Very Victoria (teehee). Seriously it is the perfect nude! Also I was reading a few articles and Charlotte Tilbury was behind the gorgeous Victoria Secret Fashion Show looks this year. OMG the looks were beautiful and anything Angel worthy I'm all about.
I do not have all of these pictured in the collage above but I have wanted to also try the Tatcha Best sellers set along with  Fresh Facial on the Fly. I have the Fresh face wash and Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer that I love so far...I wanted to expand and see how I like some of the other best sellers.

***Sooo the makeup is great and all but at the end of the day most important are Skincare and maintenance. Forever Young right? Working on a skin care routine post, but I wanted to link what I currently have been using and love below.
Makeup look from this past Aggie Gameday weekend - Products below

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday with your family and loved ones! I spent Thanksgiving day with my family here in Houston and then over the weekend we went to see Chayson's family in College Station. OMG that Texas A&M Game y' was definitely one to remember Ags. Whoop. Let me know if you found this post helpful - working to share more of my favorite products/shopping finds with you all :) Let me know too if you find anything good with all the sales/promos going on. Happy Shopping.

Monday, November 12, 2018

3 Pieces to Suit Up for Fall

HOW in the WORLD is October already gone? I'm ready but kind of not to get into the holidays - Can we just sit around with the pumpkins a little longer? Yep, I did it - BYOPumpkin and it worked haha. Well ok Thanksgiving is still "Harvest" so it's all good. November is in full swing and besides February (Bday and travel months) I have to say October/November are favorites of mine. I've been spending a lot of time with the family, cozy date nights in, and focusing on my workout routine and balance. The weather finally is getting cooler and I can actually layer and style more comfortably. Well light layers for Texas!

How great is this blazer color? It is such a great Bershka find (links here). It's time to suit up for fall and y'all know I love the tailored menswear style. I'm starting to see more takes on it in brighter bold colors these days. It's interesting that bits of what we normally would consider "Fall" colorations (Spice, Mustard, Mauve) are making their way into Spring. This outfit was actually last Monday's look in NYC -It's comfortable, easy, and looks put together for meetings.

Outfit Pieces

  1. Blazer
  2. Cami
  3. OTK boots
I would say overall this is an easy way to look more sophisticated/polished and most of you probably already even own these pieces. I hope you all are off to a great week! I had such a great week in NY last week. I caught up with all the friends, and Chayson and I shot our engagement photos. AHHH they came out great thanks to my friend and photog Griffin. Check her out here NYC peeps.


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Complete Your Fall Wardrobe

YES you heard it here folks - Complete your Fall Wardrobe with a little PUMPKIN SPICE AND EVERYTHING NICE - I don't know about you but this has kinda been my basic theme of the month and above has been my favorite Tshirt. Chayson is like oooh your in the pumpkin spice shirt again...and I'm like AND??? lol OK so maybe we don't all need this tee (It's linked below if you do) but the one thing that will instantly complete your Fall Wardrobe is a cozy oversized sweater cardigan.

Lets not reinvent the rules of fall - comfy cozy and give me all the cardigans.  There are SO many different styles out there and I'm loving the balloon sleeves on this pick! I've been wearing it around the apartment, layered over a Plaid (here) or just tossed on my PumpkinSpiced tee. Ive shopped a few favorites and you all can find them below.

If there is one takeaway from this post it would be completing your Fall Wardrobe with these three must haves.

1. The Oversized Cardigan 

Why? Because you can always use another and plus all of the balloon sleeves, pompoms, and tie details are surprisingly a nice fresh take on the forever basic cardigan.

2. The Leather Legging

This is such a trend right now - I've loved how this idea has gone from rocker chic to everyday wear

3. Black Booties 

The perfect fall starter piece :) LITERALLY pair with any outfit combo

This weekend was a goodie - spent lots of time with the family and loved ones. Giving all the hugs a little extra tighter and I really really am SO thankful to be home and close to everyone here in Texas. Friday I took the day (9/80 schedule perks) and my sister and I were able to finally get some pumpkin patch fun snaps together and then we all went to hangout with my Aunt and cousins. OMG she got the newest cutest little Teacup Yorkie pup. So no I was not the lucky one who got a new pup for those of you wondering haha.
Saturday my parents came and we all chilled and then Chayson and I did wine, steak date night (THE BEST). Hope everyone is having a great week so far.

Complete your Fall Wardrobe


Sunday, October 28, 2018

Scarf & Status

I'm ALL about a multi wear style. I'm not going to lie - I am SO obsessed with this top/dress that I have already worn it three different ways and I have it in another print too haha. I can often be a creature of habit and when I like it I LOVE it. The bold colors really caught my eye and this was a super inexpensive item from my fav friends at Gordmans.   I'm sure you'll see me in my other color way version of this oversized top. Any color that I can match with a lipstick (fav pick here)  is always a win for me - plus the fact that it was literally under $12 was beyond a steal! 
A few picks that I was not able to link on my LiketoKnowit Account are below. 
Speaking of MultiWear - Layering sweater tops over dresses (Details HERE), or Slips under shorter tunic styles (style post HERE) is also another great way to get a different look.

Hope everyone has a great weekend - have to say I think the wedding planning is finally in full swing! I have asked my girls, looked at several venues, met with the church and we finally have the date YAY.


Sunday, October 14, 2018

Spin Class to Street Style

And say hello, from Spin class to a street style staple. I think we can all agree that fashion always seems to be in a trending rotation (haiii get it #spinshorts) but these days basic 90s fashion seem to have a more elevated approach. Thanks to Kim K the bike shorts have made a come back and I have to say...I'm into it. I've seen so many different ways to wear this look -Blazer+Polished (coming soon to G&G), Dressy+Elegant, Cozy+Cute, and my favorite Casual+Sneakers in this post. OK so sometimes I feel like I create different looks on here for G&G and I'm like wait...I'm not that cool lol BUT this is one of the things I absolutely LOVE about fashion and styling. You can always see something you like, make it your own, and give it a go.

I love how this look is feminine with the favorite lace cami and casual with sneakers. If I wanted a more relaxed look I could have added a cozy sweater cardi vs. the blazer. I've seen this look on pinterest a lot and from a few other fav blogger girls I follow and thought I would see how I liked it anddd yep. Kind of the new legging - especially here in the South. It's just been so hot BUT WE ARE FINALLY GETTING FALL THIS WEEK...I think. Well maybe a cold front :/ 

Last week's LA vacation really got me in the mood for some cooler weather and inspired with all the upcoming looks for Spring. I am beyond ready though for some sweater weather and I'm excited to share some new looks with y'all. 
Hope you are all having a great week!

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