Sunday, September 16, 2018

G&G Workout Routine

RISE AND SHINE!!! The morning WakeUPcall - Literally probably one of my favorite times of the day. Those of you who follow the snaps know that I use this to stay accountable. I feel like I'm telling a friend every time I snap a pic and post. Yes I am that crazy early bird person. I LOVE waking up and checking this off my list - Already feeling like you've accomplished something is an awesome feeling. If everything else goes south that day, at least you have something good for yourself done. Plus it's a great way to clear your mind and get the day going.
Soo when did this all start?  About 4 years ago (umm time flies) a friend introduced me to Kayla Itsines BBG program and I loved it! It is a 12 week HIIT based program (High Intensity Interval Training) and 28 mins - so very manageable.  The workouts are  3x a week and then LISS (low intensity steady state cardio) training 2x a week - usually a walk or low impact class + 1 rest day.
I ended up going through like 4 rounds of BBG 1&2 and liked the structure/energy I had - it was cool to see how much stronger I grew and really loved all of the classes and mornings I had to myself. I started making friends through my new fit life and grew closer to other friends I knew in NYC as we begin this workout situation together.

I joined a gym in NYC and decided to keep up with my mornings and always had some sort of program or structure I followed. Below are a few of my favorite Guides I have done. Most need basic equipment or body weight and are 30-45mins.
  • Kayla Itsines BBG 1&2 - I know now there is the Sweat App which I have heard is pretty good. I use the purchased PDF guides and saved them/followed along in my phone.
  • PIIT28 by Blogilates - Pilates Intense Interval Training. It it about 30 mins and a 28 day circuit/Pilates based workout with cardio mixed (great travel workouts) no equipment on this one just body weight. 
  • Blogilates - Cassey Ho has some realllyyyy GREAT FREE content on Youtube and her site. If I ever need a quick extra something after a walk or jog I'll do a video of hers.
  • FBG by AnnaVictoria - Fit Body Guide, similar to BBG but with added weights
  • LG Fit Guides - This was a total weight training guide, something very different but I wanted to give it a try...I like adding weights but doing total weighted workouts was not my absolute favorite. 
Now that I am comfortable with the gym life and know what I need to do for my body/mind I have combined different things I like to do. Between workout guides and classes and I take about an hour or so time wise. I am in the gym by either 5:45 or 6:30am...I've tried after work and it's just SO hard to get it going at the end of the day lol My gym here in Houston is super close to my office and I've found getting ready there eliminates morning distractions/lagging at home.

Recent Weekly Routine 

What am I doing since I have completed different workout plans/guides? Overall anything to stay active makes me happy and I aim to do something each day - sometimes I'll either take a full rest day or do a 30 min walk. I feel like each season I go through different routines and my latest since Mid-June is what I have been sticking (below) during the week. I really like mixing in Barre/Pilates with cardio and weights. Most of the classes combine weights and cardio so I always feel like I get in a really good total workout. All about that long lean life y'all.
  • Cardio 3X - Sun/Tues/ Fri (Spin)
  • Barre 2X - Mon/Sat
  • Pilates 2X - Thurs/Sun
  • HIIT/Weight Circuits 2X - Wed/Sun
***The double workout days I try to do both but I might just pick one depending on the feels - one combines a low impact with a more HIIT class
***When I travel to NY I like to do at least 30min treadmill cardio/ run outside or a class if I can (LOVE 305 Fitness in NYC). I tryyyy to get in at least 2 workouts during the week. Running all over market is a workout on its own haha.

At the end of the day this is what I aim for but ultimately I've learned to pay attention to how I feel and what makes me feel my best and happayyyy. During the week I like to make all my meals and try to stick to whole foods recipes. Weekends/Travel are all the funssss sips and snacks.

Hope this post helped any of you in a workout rut or get some new ideas. If anyone has anything they like to do I would love to hear. Always into mixing it up :)

I also linked some of my fav active wear styles/goodies below.


Monday, September 10, 2018

In My White Tee #Basics

When life gets a little cray - lets not over complicate things. And sometimes we need to just go back to the #basics. By that I'm talking stylin ALL the tees. T-shirts and denim are having a real moment amirite?  I've picked up just about every color tee and the best part is we all have one. If not gather up $4.99 and you are set (thanks Gordmans).
I know  Labor day has come and gone and of course I'm not feeling that no white rule. I think it's safe to say that we can ditch that idea and keep it moving with our white tees. Denim and tees have become my recent Go Tos and for good reason - they live FOREVER and we all have them in our closet.
Below are a few recent trends that play well with your #basics
  1. Layered Necklaces + Coins - This is such a great way to add a little interest to your basics. All the coins and chains really give an ordinary tee something else to talk about. Love these here too!
  2. Chunky Sneakers - Hello 90s and I'm bringing back my SPICEGIRL shoes. Lol my parents know all too well my childhood love and I'm still feelin these shoes. I lived in a pair of sketchers chunky sneaks in 3rd grade and thought I was the shizzz. Not much has changed from those shoes to these haha added inches (yes please). 
  3. Denim for the family - Girlfriend DenimBoyfriend Denim, MOM Jeans, EVEN NOW DAD denim lol . Loose/comfy and high waisted styles are all checking YES these days. I am especially a fan of the girlfriend styles ( a little more tailored/tapered vs. boyfriend) and the paperboy denim here is just way too cute with a crop top/tee.
Back in Houston and shopped NY for all the fashions! Super excited for all the fun things I'm working on here for the ladies. Keep up with my snaps/stories HERE. 



Monday, September 3, 2018

Whole30 Round#4 Update

Happy Fall Y'all! FINALLY it's pumpkin spice and sweater season...classic favorite. So I wanted to pop in and give a quick Whole30 Update. I am now 21 days into my 4th round and so far everything is going well - starting to feel the star status! I know some of you are started September Whole30 and I wanted to do a quick post on eating out tips, traveling on Whole30, and my recent favorite products/W30 hacks. Also my first two posts can be found below. 

For those of you new to the WHOLE idea/craze I want to reiterate that this is NOT a diet. This is a way to reset and eliminate anything that is inflaming the insides, messing with blood sugar, promoting cravings, and overall just making you feel not your best. It is a great way to find out if you do have any sensitivities towards any of the below.
Eliminate: Dairy, Legumes, Sugar, Alcohol, Grains, Gluten, Additives (list here).
After 30 days you slowly reintroduce everything and you'll start to notice what works and does not work with your system.

Ok so back to the food thing...WHAT in the world do you eat?
REAL unprocessed food - Ingredients you know and can pronounce. Anything that looks a little??? is probably out. Meats, seafood, Veggies, fruit, good fats (Avocado, nuts, ghee, natural meats), spices/herbs are all a go. It's much easier to focus on the things you CAN have and just know that everything else is a hard no for the next 30 days.

Sooo not going to say I am a complete pro - but I definitely feel confident navigating my way through 30 days of whole foods . Round number 4 is here and I have to say, this is probably the smoothest most whatever round yet, also the round I think I have eaten out the most too. I remember during the first two I super had everything planned out and mapped and I was so nervous that everything had SOMETHING in it I could not have. After that I started just moving towards buying products and things that fell into the "complaint" list - Dairy free milks, snack bars, spices, meats, condiments, canned goods - like non of that needs additives or sugar so I stopped buying the ones that did.

After August travel I decided I needed a true Fall Reset. 10 days of crayyy NY and Vegas will really make you feel like okay I need to get it together and clean it up. I've started to feel the NonScale Victories here - especially energy and mind clarity benefits :) YAY and we know we all could use more clarity in our lives.
Compliant On the Go Snacks/Breakfast Bars AKA LifeSavers ( linked below)
Breakfast Egg Cups: Layer Sweet potato, chopped onion/veggies, wrap a compliant bacon or ham, crack an egg on top, add spices, Bake 400 15mins

Eating Out vs. Whole30

Ok so the easiest for me have been breakfast cafes, salad bars, or surprisingly burger places. If you have any any veggies/fruit, protein (eggs/smoked salmon are SO easy for all the breakfast places), and a fat (nuts/avocado) you are golden. Sometimes this can require you to BYO a few things. Just in case I usually have the following stashed in my bag.
  • Epic Bar - in case you need an extra something 
  • Nuts/Raisins 
  • Really get weird and stash an Avocado #ultimate Basic
Breakfast on the absolute go would be any of the below...sometimes with work craze I stick to #1 everyday and combine it with any of the below usually #2 and #5.
  1. Coffee Fix ErrrryDAY - Vital Proteins, Nut Pods, Coffee
  2. Boiled Eggs, Nuts, Apple
  3. Epic Bar + Fruit
  4. Banana+Almond butter packet
  5. RX Bar (or compliant bar) + Fruit
Travel - Ok packets of things are annoying and expensive. But make life so much easier and the hassle free life is worth it. Things you can find in packets: Vital Proteins, ranch packets, calm tea, almond butter, bars, creamer, nuts.
Snacks - Apple or banana , chomp stick, Epic Bar, RX Bar, Plantain Chips always, dried fruit/raisins, cashews/nuts

Hope this post was helpful to anyone starting or completing another round :) If anyone has any tips/tricks feel free to share and msg me - always love learning new kitchen and clean eats hacks.

Shop some of my favs below!


Monday, August 27, 2018

Back In Season

Hi Friends,
Miss y'all and I am back! Most of you who have kept up with me over the years know I tend to go into a blogging Off-Season. Life gets a little crazy but I love knowing that I can always come back to my little space here in G&G.
Fall Refresh has kind of been my theme these days. Both inside and out - I was feeling a little stagnant and I decided to re-do my goals vision board ( I have a private one on Pinterest - y'all should make one keeps you on track), started Whole30 Round #4 (anyone else doing it in Sept?) and organized/cleaned out my closet. As a fan of current closet styling - I went through everything a few weeks ago and all the inspiration came back. There was this huge rack blocking everything and violaaaa suddenly all these new clothes appeared (happens).
Feeling fresh and inspired I am excited to have a few upcoming posts to share with you. Also having my sister photographer as a neighbor has helped too - Chayson is really torn up about the style selfie replacement lol sorry.
As Fall makes it's way I say we end the summer in true 90s fashion - overalls and t-shirts. During my market visit in NYC last month I made my way to Bershka (storefront in Soho) and picked up this denim midi overall dress (similar here). Definitely stepped out on trend here - my first overall type outfit probably since I was like 10. I have to say I do LOVE the look and it's super versatile with heels, slides, or sneakers. Also those you personally know me know I am the avid Gordmans shopper - yo girl is a fan and I can't tell you how many of these $4.99 basics tees I scooped up. You'll be seeing a lot of them come through the style files.
How crazy is it that already we are on to Labor Day weekend? It seems just like yesterday we were kicking off the start of summer. AND WOW so much has happened just in a short few months...
Sometimes it's nice to try to live in the moment and take a breather. I think we all need to remember to slow down, enjoy life, and the people in it. Any fun plans? I am going to hangout and have a relaxing little staycation #recharge.
Upcoming things in my life = Wedding Planning ( I SAID YAS), Vacay in LA, Fall Favorites, family time, Football season...ready for all things FALL. Fashion is always so much more exciting to me during this season haha #basics shout out. Gearing up for boots and sweaters :)


Monday, March 26, 2018

March Favorites - Get the Glow

Hi everyone! Springing forward and integrating more wellness/lifestyle posts on ze blog. Looking for a fresh update and what's more fresh than March Beauty favs?! Filtered through my product accumulation and working to get my GLOW + keeping the makeups simple...thanks to that sticky Texas heat!

  • Simplicity is key and that is where my love for palettes comes in. My on the go mornings from the gym to work and traveling once a month I've made sure to pack my NYX Love Contours All Palette. There is just enough glow, contour/highlight, and neutral eye shadow for an everyday easy look. With the contour bronze shades I honestly just swipe a fluffy brush in it and lightly dust my face -easy. And yes love will contour ALL! Right Chayson? lol ;P
  • Pretty in pink and I am loving these lippies! Honey Pink matte nudes have been in my bag these days and the peach honey tone is so pretty paired with this Rimmel liner. Both are great affordable drugstore options and bring on the summer feels.
  • When I need of a quick no make up fix - Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue is such a saver. OK I have been super obsessed with this tinted gel. I've made my second purchase on it and I love that it is SO light, hydrating and sometimes it's all you need to wear. The coverage is buildable adding a few drops of foundation and it's a great post gym/weekend errand face base.
  • Longer days means Loreal Lumi Glowtion! This is a newbie for me and I've loved adding this to my tinted moisture gel.  This adds a natural glow minus any orange look. Plus Glowtion is such a fun name lol In need of a little color and this stuff is a great way to highlight a sun kissed look.
  • Probably the only chocolate I will not eat would be the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. Back to palettes and this one has the prettiest natural colors and has an amazing cocoa scent. It's made with 100% cocoa power and the shimmer + pigment is on pointttt.
  • Loving all the lush lashes these days but not so much the upkeep and $$$ for falsies. I started using Lash Food LashTransformation few weeks ago and I'm hoping to see some natural growth. I purchased the travel kit to sample but the full set is linked here if you'd like to give it a try.
  • Beauty from the inside out is the absolute best kind of pretty. I've been taking collagen powder with my coffee since December and love the added protein and boost. This new Vital Proteins Dark Chocolate Berry Collagen came out and it's so good! It's clean Whole30 approved and  I've been reading a lot/researching and what we consume is 100% related to our complexion. Collagen is a major building block for hair, skin, nails, skin elasticity, and that youthhhh. #ForeverYoung.

Let me know if you all enjoy posts like this! I have a lot of beauty favorites, recipes, and wellness tips/things I have learned the past few years. Hope you all are having a great week and also feel free to send me any suggestions of product and things you like to use in your Spring/Summer beauty.


Sunday, March 18, 2018

Snaps in the City

Hiii Ok sooo I feel like this post is a little all over the place - Basically I want to talk about my new obsession Bershka#MillenialPINK, my most worn list, and my NYC recent favs hitlist.
Also thank you #ChaysonHoltPhotography - this post is possible by you LOL xoxoxo
#Trending Millennial Pink anyone? Yes it's a thing and I LOVE it. The color that never seems to fade and a fan favorite of my people - also a flattering color for many people of ALL ages. I was reading up on it and this bubblegum hue represents a fondness for the good ol childhood days, female empowerment/gender =, and soothing feels for the less than stellar world moments these days. We could all use a little pop of positivity today -I've always been a girly girl (surprise) and I was so excited when I found this pink furry jacket. I've had so many compliments on it and feel like YAS in it. It was the perfect Bday outfit completer and touch of glam to a neutral sweater/top.
As the season moves further into Spring I was like ahh I need to get this post out!  I was able to score my furry friend above at the NYC Bershka Pop up in Soho. I loved shopping Bershka aka Zara's little sister...the style is similar (a little younger, still very trendy) and the price point fits more of an H&M/F21.
When traveling for 10 days it's like what on earth do I bring? Everything. Ok jk...I of course packed a grouping of neutral colors/styles and ended up purchasing my pink color pop jacket. Below hit my recent most worn list and I'm sure you'll see a few of the same items pop up in my recent posts. Listed below :)
Recent City Favs :) Let me know if you all make a trip!

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