Sunday, October 8, 2017

90s Child

Shoutout to all my 90s children out there! Repping since 1991 hollaaa. Ooh the 90s - the decade of boy bands, SPICE girls (literally thought I was one #posh) smelly markers, gameboys, ferbies, jelly sandals, andddd last but not least tie-dye. Bits of style from past decades (70s boho chic, 80s rocker, 90s grunge/pop) are all making their way back. Summer 2017 welcomed back the tie-dye trend and has continued into Back to School/Fall 17. Going into this season I noticed tons of cute tie tops in tie-dye washes. Crazy how we are already in October, but with Texas temperatures I’m able to squeeze a longer life out of this short sleeve tie tee here in Houston.
I feel like this trend is still in the early stages but after spending this past week in LA I saw lots of tie, twists, and pastel dyes going into Spring18 (I know, I know... we just got to Fall).   Tie fronts and wrap (surplus) tops are also continuing to make their way into the next season as well. Personally I really like these styles- they sit just waist level without having to tuck the front in or mess with all that - Perfect to pair with high-waisted denim too!
For me, this trend is hit or miss - it was the jewel tones won me over. I chose this pretty green but there were also really rich navy and plum washes too. I know I’ve mentioned this before but seriously olive has got to be one of my all time favorite colors to wear :) 
Also how about this serious denim moment we are having? Statement jeans are here to stay (prev post) and I think I’ve worn these jeans like 10 times already. They are by Romeo andJuliet...the sizing is Sm-Lg and I gotta say I love that they took the guess work out of it. The side stud details have received so many compliments! These jeans+backpack have been in the outfit rotations. If you follow my snapchat/insta stories you see them frequent my #OOTD snaps :)
With all the market travel I was on the hunt for a leather backpack - I wanted to to be more of a handbag cross vs. complete first day of school style. It has been a saver with all my crazy papers and computer everywhere but to be honest I think need to find a larger backpack. Currently on the hunt if anyone has any suggestions. It was the perfect size and then somehow my whole life ended up making its way in there haha.
SERIOUSLY LOVE this V necklace I got last Christmas - Thanks Santa ( I think he found it at Topshop) Similar linked below.

Pattern Bar LA - SO cute and close to market. All the drinks are named after designers. I had a couple of McQueens ;) 
Excited to be making my way back to the Northeast this week! I'll be back in NYC for work and I can't wait to spend some time in the city this fall. Ready for cool crisp air (minus the occasional city smells lol), Central Park leaves dressed to impress, and to see all my peeps again. As for this weekend - lots of relaxing, recharging, and also getting all the things done. We got this! Shooting a few more fall looks today, so excited to share with you :) 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

GTL X Selena Gomez

Happy to be back friends! Life these days as I have mentioned before can be quite the balancing act - all good things and I'm so thankful. One of the things I've been missing in life is G&G. My creative fashion corner via the world wide web:) Finallyyy (with the help of Chayson's photography skills thank youu) I have a new celeb Get the Look post. I am loving all the recent fall trends and I have so many things I would love to share with you - sometimes it's just like can we get a few more hours in the day please? Learning to balance and with some advice and encouragement from my cousin (check her site out here) I am trying to set aside some weekly time to work on this fun style space of mine.

Every time I have a hmm you know I haven't heard anything from (insert name) in a awhile...BAM. They are back in action. A few weeks ago I had that feeling about today's Get the Look girl. I love stars who are relatable - I feel like people can easily become consumed with the media and spotlight...but at the end of the day we are all just people right?

As a fellow Texas native, hispanic backgroundBarney loving (90s child), and 20 something yr old foodie fan - my girl Selena Gomez checks in on all the above. Her music is always so catchy, she's adorable, doesn't get caught up in the gossip and most importantly she loves her fansShe's been on the quiet side lately and in this Vogue interview she opens up about taking a step back to relax and recover (completely understood). With her recent health update (here) I'm happy she's doing what's best for her to relax and recover...and girl is still looking amazing!

From Disney darling to full on pop star Selina's style is always changing. She easily pulls off laid back Cali style, edgy street style, as well as polished and prim.  I've always been such a fan and love seeing her style grow and change throughout the years. This Selena inspired look super easy to recreate with a few closet basics- black blazer+pumps, distressed denim, black crop/screen tee. The whole Menswear inspired trend has been around for quite some time and I love this cool look. Selena loves to rock her denim and distressed styles always make the look with her (images above) - I am not sure if I would have normally paired this all together on my own but thank you Selena for the inspo - borrowing this idea from the boys.

All together my total look is under $100 and everything easily pairs back to tons of other great outfit options. I shopped a lot of fast fashion stores and previously owned a lot of the basics. I also hit up an Express sale for my denim. Oh and my bag - how cute is that? It is from Garment Society and I love the luxe fur feel. Here is a great Zara blazer option that also fits this look. I also linked similar ideas at the end of this post.
Recently, I've been in a bit of a closet rut. A couple of weeks ago I decided to do a fall refresh and put together new looks/add in a few new trending pieces to pair back with my basics.  After traveling back to NY for work, I feel so inspired again in my fashion mindset. Sometimes it just takes a little time to settle in and restyle your closet staples.

Hope you all have a had a nice weekend. My parents are in town and it's been so nice catching up with them and hanging out. I'll be in LA this week and I'm excited to see more upcoming Spring styles and looks. 


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

New Beginnings+Summertime Love

Hi friends! I'm back and we are finally up and running over here.  A little quiet on G&G these days - but I will say it is kind of hard to update a blog without wifi. Today I have a 2fer post.
1. Life Update 2. Summer wedding style (scroll to the end for details).

As of this weekend I have cable (milestone) wifi, a bed, and a home in the making. The 42 boxes are now gone, my furniture is in place, and for the first time in three weeks Houston feels like home. It's been a lot of crazy these past few weeks - I started a new job, was pretty sick my first week here so I was thrown off my workout/foodie routine, and everything was a complete mess in my apartment lol I know some of y'all saw the I managed to pack 42 boxes from my studio apartment is still a mystery to me. Happy to give up the blow up bed life and for the most part everything is beginning to settle. Back on my morning #wakeupcall workout status and my kitchen is already being put to use :) Work is going well and it's seriously such a small world - a few of my Aggie girlfriends also happen to work on my floor. We had lunch on my first day and it's nice to not completely feel like the new kid.

This past weekend Chayson was back in town from his vacays and I was able to get a lot done in my apartment. The closet is situated (priorities) and my vision (Pinterest inspo here) is coming together in my living room. I really love my new space and it's nice to just start living. Also thank you so much to everyone who's reached out to include/invite me out. All the Houston ladies have been so welcoming and I finally made my way out this weekend. Over the hermit status so Chayson and I went to Pax Americana (Tapas style) and a friend invited me to Liberty Kitchen/out downtown. It was nice seeing familiar faces and catching up with friends and family here. So overall - all is well and I'm very happy to be home. Oh and I knew it wouldn't be too long NYC I'll already be heading back for work in August. Yay! Missed you girllll xo.
Ok so even though my past few weekends have consisted of workout clothes and swimsuits, Summer wedding style is about to be in full swing. I've had a few recent friends get engaged (Congrats Sarah+Chadwick) and eek I'm going to be in my best friend's wedding this Labor Day weekend. SO excited for the celebrations. Since I'm in the wedding I'll be wearing a bridesmaids dress (Great pick btw Brit) but if I were attending another summer wedding, this dress would be my outfit for the occasion. I LOVE this look so much and I think it would make the perfect summer wedding guest dress. Surprise surprise I was shopping in Juniors department again - but hey I'm all about a great find no matter where you find it :) There are few left on the posted link - but these similar styles below are close options too!

Normally in the summer I automatically would think shorter dress, especially here in Texas...BUT you can still keep cool and pull off an elegant look in a long dress. Make sure to stick with flowy light fabrics - Chiffon, silk, cotton, and breathable materials. Depending on the dress code I would stick to a sweet and simple look. Florals, lace, bows, ruffles, and pastel hues. Also a bonus with longer dresses - Comfy shoes y'all! Bust out your wedges or your most comfortable dancing shoes :)

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!


Monday, June 19, 2017

Dear NYC

Whew these last few weeks have been beyond a whirlwind of emotions. An exciting opportunity came up and a big life change is about to happen...there were too many check boxes that checked. So yes, Texas almost four years later I'm commin back atcha! This Spring for me has been super life reflective and I've come to the conclusion that some of the best decisions I've made I don't think I really ever made - props to the man upstairs because you seem to know what you're doing. I'm just along for the ride lol 

Right now I'm writing this en route to find my new Texas home..I still cannot believe 4 years have come and gone. NYC you were never in my plans but second semester senior year you sure became a big one. Most people after graduation have this vision of "I'm moving to (insert) after collage and working at...". College Vic knew she wanted a career in retail and fashion, but never did I think it would lead me on this adventure. I remember working day and night on a project Fall of my Senior year, which sure enough was my ticket to the city where dreams are made of. My first trip visiting the city I figured when in the world would I ever do this again? It was Day 2 and I was already at a career fair trying to picture what my life could be like here.  I was starting to feel like this city would be the ultimate life education - if you can make it here you can make it anywhere right? Lets just hope so ;) Three months later I was interning on Fashion Ave only to find myself four years later trying to keep it together saying bye to my work family in Herald Square. One of my team members (sista) and I would joke about "perfect dream situations" lol it partially worked out just a little differently-bittersweet because you know I love you guys so much! Shoutout to the work fam because y'all are total stars. This has been a crazy ride but I'm so thankful for this once in lifetime moment.
Recent Questions:
Why do I love NYC so much? I mean without a doubt this is truly one of the most incredible cities in the world (biased, maybe a little). The hustle and bustle here gives me life - I have mastered the art of NYC public transportation (TX get on that), can tell you just about where every tiny dim lit wine bar can be found, order a proper cup of coffee, and I can successfully hail a cab. lol but don't worry mom and dad I've learned much more than that...Personally and professionally I've had the opportunity to meet, work with, and learn from truly some of the best. You know who you are and thank you doesn't even begin to cover it.
Am I ready to be back in Texas again? Yes and bittersweet best describes the feeling. I'm so beyond excited to be closer to home, closer to family/boyfriend/friends, and still continue doing what I love. It's like my previous boss and (life coach/friend) has always said you're never going to really ever be ready, sometimes you just have to get ready. Noted - Wise words and Lessons from Laura. 
What will I miss most about the city? Well all you wonderful people here of course!  NYC is a special culture of anyone and everything- You can find just about all walks of life here. Some of my closest friends I've made I would have never known existed had I not moved here alone. Homegirl needed friends and man did I find some really good friends and strengthened older ones too (hai Aggie girls we stick together). Also my Foodie Hit List. Anyone who knows me knows about this crazy list I have. There are SO many fun foodie places to go to. It's broken out by Cafes, restaurants, rooftops, wine bars, places to see...ah name any food trend, new restaurant, specialty drink, chef, and seriously this city is loaded and home to some of the best. I love experiencing these places with loved ones and each place has a special memory. Lots of them with Chayson, visiting friends, and first/last moments here. So yes I'll miss my NYC list, but when I come to visit. It's on :) 
How did this all happen? It was a complete surprise and I felt like it truly was a yes moment. I told y'all back in January I made a New Years resolution to try to do more. More of what exactly? Everything. I remember having a feeling that this could possibly be my last year as a New Yorker. I can't explain it but just creeping little thoughts that this was it and that anything that happened I needed to be that YES person. It inspired me to start my blog up again. I am SO glad I did. Something in me felt so antsy and I just didn't want to miss out on anything. I didn't know why I felt that way but I knew I needed to just do something. So I laid out big picture ideas and thoughts and decided to have meaningful catch up friend dates (life talks),branch out/meet more people, travel, try new restaurants on my hit list, and overall just say YES. 
I mean guess that yes is what got me here in the first place. Ah and I'm so happy I fought the scary doubtful thoughts and made the move here after school.  I hit my resolution hard this Spring with weekly catch up dates and some with people I had not seen since my first year in NYC (thank goodness), went to fashion week, visited LA, made blog shoots into memories, branched out with other bloggers, found more FitFriends (aka real lol),and even tried new workout classes. Overall, I wanted to come back to Texas feeling excited, zero regrets, and in a way complete. Mission accomplished. 

This is a new chapter in my life - personally and professionally. I'm excited, hopeful, and to be honest a little nervous. As with all happy endings come bright new beginnings and it's never a goodbye but a see you later. New York City will always have a special place in my heart.  To alll the wonderful people I have met here...gosh I could go on and on. Moving towards a fresh start and I am looking forward to sharing my life and fashion/finds with you in Houston, Texas. Don't worry, I still have plenty of back up city snaps/style to share with you until I'm all settled in.
So Heres to - 
Saying Yes, My second home away from home, All the mems (wine nights on my little apt floor), The FitFam, Backstage, Foodie finds + ChefVic mini kitchen,The Hitlist, #WakeupCall #OOTD, Madison Ave and Murray Hill Hood, The people, This city, The love <3 

Thank you family, Chayson, and friends for sticking out the past 4 years with me this was seriously a group effort. Go team. 

Cheers! I'm coming home y'all. 
***HUGE Thank you to friend and Photographer Griffin Ungar - I'll miss shooting with you. Sorry for the million pics here but HOW could I choose only a select few?! These shots are so special to me. You have such an eye and amazing talent. Thanks again!

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