Monday, November 12, 2018

3 Pieces to Suit Up for Fall

HOW in the WORLD is October already gone? I'm ready but kind of not to get into the holidays - Can we just sit around with the pumpkins a little longer? Yep, I did it - BYOPumpkin and it worked haha. Well ok Thanksgiving is still "Harvest" so it's all good. November is in full swing and besides February (Bday and travel months) I have to say October/November are favorites of mine. I've been spending a lot of time with the family, cozy date nights in, and focusing on my workout routine and balance. The weather finally is getting cooler and I can actually layer and style more comfortably. Well light layers for Texas!

How great is this blazer color? It is such a great Bershka find (links here). It's time to suit up for fall and y'all know I love the tailored menswear style. I'm starting to see more takes on it in brighter bold colors these days. It's interesting that bits of what we normally would consider "Fall" colorations (Spice, Mustard, Mauve) are making their way into Spring. This outfit was actually last Monday's look in NYC -It's comfortable, easy, and looks put together for meetings.

Outfit Pieces

  1. Blazer
  2. Cami
  3. OTK boots
I would say overall this is an easy way to look more sophisticated/polished and most of you probably already even own these pieces. I hope you all are off to a great week! I had such a great week in NY last week. I caught up with all the friends, and Chayson and I shot our engagement photos. AHHH they came out great thanks to my friend and photog Griffin. Check her out here NYC peeps.


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Complete Your Fall Wardrobe

YES you heard it here folks - Complete your Fall Wardrobe with a little PUMPKIN SPICE AND EVERYTHING NICE - I don't know about you but this has kinda been my basic theme of the month and above has been my favorite Tshirt. Chayson is like oooh your in the pumpkin spice shirt again...and I'm like AND??? lol OK so maybe we don't all need this tee (It's linked below if you do) but the one thing that will instantly complete your Fall Wardrobe is a cozy oversized sweater cardigan.

Lets not reinvent the rules of fall - comfy cozy and give me all the cardigans.  There are SO many different styles out there and I'm loving the balloon sleeves on this pick! I've been wearing it around the apartment, layered over a Plaid (here) or just tossed on my PumpkinSpiced tee. Ive shopped a few favorites and you all can find them below.

If there is one takeaway from this post it would be completing your Fall Wardrobe with these three must haves.

1. The Oversized Cardigan 

Why? Because you can always use another and plus all of the balloon sleeves, pompoms, and tie details are surprisingly a nice fresh take on the forever basic cardigan.

2. The Leather Legging

This is such a trend right now - I've loved how this idea has gone from rocker chic to everyday wear

3. Black Booties 

The perfect fall starter piece :) LITERALLY pair with any outfit combo

This weekend was a goodie - spent lots of time with the family and loved ones. Giving all the hugs a little extra tighter and I really really am SO thankful to be home and close to everyone here in Texas. Friday I took the day (9/80 schedule perks) and my sister and I were able to finally get some pumpkin patch fun snaps together and then we all went to hangout with my Aunt and cousins. OMG she got the newest cutest little Teacup Yorkie pup. So no I was not the lucky one who got a new pup for those of you wondering haha.
Saturday my parents came and we all chilled and then Chayson and I did wine, steak date night (THE BEST). Hope everyone is having a great week so far.

Complete your Fall Wardrobe


Sunday, October 28, 2018

Scarf & Status

I'm ALL about a multi wear style. I'm not going to lie - I am SO obsessed with this top/dress that I have already worn it three different ways and I have it in another print too haha. I can often be a creature of habit and when I like it I LOVE it. The bold colors really caught my eye and this was a super inexpensive item from my fav friends at Gordmans.   I'm sure you'll see me in my other color way version of this oversized top. Any color that I can match with a lipstick (fav pick here)  is always a win for me - plus the fact that it was literally under $12 was beyond a steal! 
A few picks that I was not able to link on my LiketoKnowit Account are below. 
Speaking of MultiWear - Layering sweater tops over dresses (Details HERE), or Slips under shorter tunic styles (style post HERE) is also another great way to get a different look.

Hope everyone has a great weekend - have to say I think the wedding planning is finally in full swing! I have asked my girls, looked at several venues, met with the church and we finally have the date YAY.


Sunday, October 14, 2018

Spin Class to Street Style

And say hello, from Spin class to a street style staple. I think we can all agree that fashion always seems to be in a trending rotation (haiii get it #spinshorts) but these days basic 90s fashion seem to have a more elevated approach. Thanks to Kim K the bike shorts have made a come back and I have to say...I'm into it. I've seen so many different ways to wear this look -Blazer+Polished (coming soon to G&G), Dressy+Elegant, Cozy+Cute, and my favorite Casual+Sneakers in this post. OK so sometimes I feel like I create different looks on here for G&G and I'm like wait...I'm not that cool lol BUT this is one of the things I absolutely LOVE about fashion and styling. You can always see something you like, make it your own, and give it a go.

I love how this look is feminine with the favorite lace cami and casual with sneakers. If I wanted a more relaxed look I could have added a cozy sweater cardi vs. the blazer. I've seen this look on pinterest a lot and from a few other fav blogger girls I follow and thought I would see how I liked it anddd yep. Kind of the new legging - especially here in the South. It's just been so hot BUT WE ARE FINALLY GETTING FALL THIS WEEK...I think. Well maybe a cold front :/ 

Last week's LA vacation really got me in the mood for some cooler weather and inspired with all the upcoming looks for Spring. I am beyond ready though for some sweater weather and I'm excited to share some new looks with y'all. 
Hope you are all having a great week!


Friday, September 28, 2018

Fall Feels18

I'm sorry (jk nope) but I am seriously getting all the Fall feels these days. I LOVE coming home to the cozy, burning all my pumpkin candles, lounging in my teddy pullover, and just the feeling of it all. Basic as some may say - but I'm just my happiest during this time. I start new routines (all about them) and in a way a fresh new start. It's like I finished Whole 30 and cleaned my closet in August and then all these things started happening lol #Narnia
  • Professionally - I recently started a new position yay buying for ALL the ladies ;)
  • Personally- I am working on all the wedding planning fun (new hobby) THE COLORS HAVE BEEN DECIDED - these past few weeks we have some venue tours lined up! So excited! also back from the blog off season.
  • Health/Fitness - Keeping up with the routine here, and working through balance (what is that again?) ha
Back to the fashions...sooo last Fall Griffin (love you friend) and I shot these snaps in Central Park to kick off the Fall season ahhh and I am JUST posting them. Luckily not much has changed when it comes to texture and camel tones. What I liked about this look is it was something different for me. Each month in NYC I always make sure to hit up my favorite resale shops. I scored this Zara dress for $12 along with a really cute pair of Jcrew bow tie pants (post coming soon). Making my store stops is always a must when I visit! Don’t get me wrong I love the Houston Galleria – but Chelsea resale shops top it all when it comes to major label discounts.

I know leather and texture is always a great way to get into the Fall mood.  Adding topper jackets and chunky sweater knits is a great way to soften a normally "edgy" feel when it comes to leather looks. I am such a fan of oversized drape knitsopen cardigans, and long duster styles.
Hope everyone is off to a great weekend - I'll be packing up for LA Market this week and Chayson gets to come too! So excited for our fun trip he planned out.
P.s Working on posting more routine/lifestyle type posts.


Sunday, September 16, 2018

G&G Workout Routine

RISE AND SHINE!!! The morning WakeUPcall - Literally probably one of my favorite times of the day. Those of you who follow the snaps know that I use this to stay accountable. I feel like I'm telling a friend every time I snap a pic and post. Yes I am that crazy early bird person. I LOVE waking up and checking this off my list - Already feeling like you've accomplished something is an awesome feeling. If everything else goes south that day, at least you have something good for yourself done. Plus it's a great way to clear your mind and get the day going.
Soo when did this all start?  About 4 years ago (umm time flies) a friend introduced me to Kayla Itsines BBG program and I loved it! It is a 12 week HIIT based program (High Intensity Interval Training) and 28 mins - so very manageable.  The workouts are  3x a week and then LISS (low intensity steady state cardio) training 2x a week - usually a walk or low impact class + 1 rest day.
I ended up going through like 4 rounds of BBG 1&2 and liked the structure/energy I had - it was cool to see how much stronger I grew and really loved all of the classes and mornings I had to myself. I started making friends through my new fit life and grew closer to other friends I knew in NYC as we begin this workout situation together.

I joined a gym in NYC and decided to keep up with my mornings and always had some sort of program or structure I followed. Below are a few of my favorite Guides I have done. Most need basic equipment or body weight and are 30-45mins.
  • Kayla Itsines BBG 1&2 - I know now there is the Sweat App which I have heard is pretty good. I use the purchased PDF guides and saved them/followed along in my phone.
  • PIIT28 by Blogilates - Pilates Intense Interval Training. It it about 30 mins and a 28 day circuit/Pilates based workout with cardio mixed (great travel workouts) no equipment on this one just body weight. 
  • Blogilates - Cassey Ho has some realllyyyy GREAT FREE content on Youtube and her site. If I ever need a quick extra something after a walk or jog I'll do a video of hers.
  • FBG by AnnaVictoria - Fit Body Guide, similar to BBG but with added weights
  • LG Fit Guides - This was a total weight training guide, something very different but I wanted to give it a try...I like adding weights but doing total weighted workouts was not my absolute favorite. 
Now that I am comfortable with the gym life and know what I need to do for my body/mind I have combined different things I like to do. Between workout guides and classes and I take about an hour or so time wise. I am in the gym by either 5:45 or 6:30am...I've tried after work and it's just SO hard to get it going at the end of the day lol My gym here in Houston is super close to my office and I've found getting ready there eliminates morning distractions/lagging at home.

Recent Weekly Routine 

What am I doing since I have completed different workout plans/guides? Overall anything to stay active makes me happy and I aim to do something each day - sometimes I'll either take a full rest day or do a 30 min walk. I feel like each season I go through different routines and my latest since Mid-June is what I have been sticking (below) during the week. I really like mixing in Barre/Pilates with cardio and weights. Most of the classes combine weights and cardio so I always feel like I get in a really good total workout. All about that long lean life y'all.
  • Cardio 3X - Sun/Tues/ Fri (Spin)
  • Barre 2X - Mon/Sat
  • Pilates 2X - Thurs/Sun
  • HIIT/Weight Circuits 2X - Wed/Sun
***The double workout days I try to do both but I might just pick one depending on the feels - one combines a low impact with a more HIIT class
***When I travel to NY I like to do at least 30min treadmill cardio/ run outside or a class if I can (LOVE 305 Fitness in NYC). I tryyyy to get in at least 2 workouts during the week. Running all over market is a workout on its own haha.

At the end of the day this is what I aim for but ultimately I've learned to pay attention to how I feel and what makes me feel my best and happayyyy. During the week I like to make all my meals and try to stick to whole foods recipes. Weekends/Travel are all the funssss sips and snacks.

Hope this post helped any of you in a workout rut or get some new ideas. If anyone has anything they like to do I would love to hear. Always into mixing it up :)

I also linked some of my fav active wear styles/goodies below.

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